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Monday, October 18, 2010

Highs and Lows

Well, it wasn't the perfect weekend but I suppose the good outweighed the bad.

Friday evening we hung out at home and made Mexican chicken.  Basically, you put chicken breasts in a pan, cover them in salsa and cook them.  When they're done you put them on top of rice, cover that with cheese (we use taco cheese) and garnish that with tortilla chips.  Super easy and yummy recipe.

Saturday was gorgeous.  We cleaned the house in the morning and then decided to take Monte for a walk.  We really don't take him for walks nearly as much as we should but we always justify it with the fact that he has a backyard and a big house to run in.  Still no excuse!  We live right across from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls campus and there are a ton of great trails to go on so that's where we went.

A view of the student center from one of the walking trails

The afternoon was a bit of a bummer.  We were supposed to be having a scary movie marathon, which we generally start in the early afternoon.  My brother was supposed to come on Friday night and texted to tell me he'd be coming on Saturday instead (he lives about four hours way in Green Bay).  Well then Saturday he texted to say he wasn't coming.  Which I'll admit I was a bit mad about.  I try really hard to not back out of things because I think it's rude.  So when people back out, especially at the last minute, it's annoying.  On top of that Taryn, my sister in law, and her boyfriend Matt had plans around 11 to go to a kid's birthday party.  Originally Taryn told me they'd only stay about an hour.  Well, they didn't end up showing up till around 4:30.  Gah.  I'm not sure which annoys me more, people who back out of things or people that are late and keep you waiting.  My brother did end up apologizing and everything was okay but... yeah.  Not a happy Krysten for awhile.

I did get over it after some pouting.  We made burgers and tater tots (tater tots are a movie marathon tradition around here) and I had the yummiest drink.

Hot apple cider with spiced rum, SO GOOD!

We settled on The Crazies and Shutter Island.  Usually we try to throw a third movie into the mix but no such luck this time around.  The Crazies actually didn't end up being so horrible.  I figured it was just going to be a gross, gory movie like Cabin Fever or Jeepers Creepers.  But it actually had a plot and I'm all about government conspiracies.  Plus it wasn't downright gross.  So I'll give it a B.  I was super excited for Shutter Island because I read the book earlier this year.  The movie was AWESOME.  Thoroughly enjoyed it and I loved Leonardo DiCaprio.  That man can do no wrong.  And the movie followed right along with the book and kept everyone guessing (well, except me since I knew what was going to happen).  So it was a good marathon and I didn't end up having nightmares or worrying but getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Sunday I had to work and I was kind of dreading it.  I hadn't gotten a credit card application in 4 weeks and even though a lot of my sales were from Maurices cards (which means a lot of my customers already had the card) I knew it still wouldn't fly.  In fact, one of the first things my boss said when I came in was that I needed to get one or risk having to have a power meeting about it.  LUCKILY about a half hour after she talked to me I had a girl sign up for it.  Yay!  Sadly she had JUST turned 18 and all I could think was "Oh man, please be better with your first credit card than I was with mine."

Work went quick and was super easy.

Then I had to come home.  Which you would think would have made me happy except I had 3 monotonous homework assignments to do, all for the same class.  One of my classes is MS Office Professional and it's annoying.  It's all about how to use the different options in MS Office.  Which would be fine except each assignment is about 20 pages of instruction and it's all stuff like "Okay, BOLD this.  Now hit the UNDO button.  See the difference?"  Bleh.  I understand where it could be great for people who don't know how to use Word but seriously.  Teach me something I don't know!  It took me 2 and a half hours to do 3 assignments and the most I can get total is 40 points.  Uncool.

Speaking of school, last week I got an email from the Dean of Students asking if I'd like to tutor someone in a class I took during my first quarter.  It's only an hour a week and it's through either email, telephone or instant message.  But still, I was pretty honored!  For those that don't remember, when I started school again I was a little nervous about not doing well since I tend to slack off.  So I have to say that I'm pretty pumped that I'm doing so well that I'm being asked to tutor others.  Pretty neat!

One more thing before I go.  My blogger friend and Dear Darlings pal Melissa from Oh, My Darling is going through a breakup.  So please take a second to head to her blog and give her some love.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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49 wonderful thoughts:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

Such a busy weekend, I watched Shutter Island recently and was impressed, I didn’t expect the end so was very interesting!


Sounds like a busy and fun weekend (when you weren't working of course)!

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Lilac and Grey


I have to say that all that pressure to sign up for credit cards is CRAZY. My sister works for Banana Republic and it's the same way - they have quotas and it's super hard to get people to sign up for cards these days.

I would never participate in a scary movie marathon - just the opening credits gives me nightmares!

Have a great week!

Scientific Housewife

Great pictures! I love making Mexican chicken, it's so simple! Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend.


Jam packed! I still NEED to see Shutter Island, I don't know how I missed it when it was in the theaters!

Diana Mieczan

You had a buys few days,sweetie
Shutter Island was amazing..We watched it a while ago and I totally loved it too:)
Wish you a fantastic Monday my lovely and see you soon:)


Umm...you kind of had me at the cider and spiced rum, that looks amazing!

The Favour Shoppe

Sounds like a busy weekend! LOVE the movie choices :)


Sounds like a good weekend to me! Good on you for not letting yourself get too bummed out about the no-shows/late arrivals at your movie marathon. I know I would have done some serious pouting had I been in your shoes. Also, Monte is adorable! We call that kind of cuteness 'adorbs' around these parts, haha.


sounds like an okay weekend overall, even with a few lows.

Tell me more about the Mexican chicken - sounds delish! DO you just pan fry it the whole time, no flipping? Is it covered? I need to know!


Sorry to hear you've been having some lows lately! That Mexican chicken recipe sounds delish! And that spiked cider looks pretty tasty too.

We watched Shutter Island a few months ago. It was much better than I expected it to be! Love those plot twists!


gosh you were busy!
sorry about the lows.
what are tater tots?

Smart Ass Sara

Yay for weekend! Mine was pretty blah but not bad overall. I didn't get much of anything accomplished and I'm ok with that. :)


Sounds like a very nice weekend! I also hate when people back out of things last minute or cancel altogether. And it's always the same offenders and still I never learn! Oh well.

I'm dying to see Shutter Island. Glad to hear it followed the course of the book.

I will head over to your friend's blog and show her some love.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

I liked Shutter Island, too. Leo usually does great movies. I watched both Iron Man movies yesterday and was pleasantly surprised.


Sorry your fam were being lame this weekend. That's never cool.

I've heard Shutter Island was good!

Ashley Hasty

Look at that cute cute dog! What kind is he?


Cafe Fashionista

Gah! Your weekends are always full of so many adventures. And yayay for tater tots - I'm kind of obsessed with them myself!! :)

Teenage Bride

Your weekends are always so full!

I hope yopu ahve a wonderful week!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Cutest dog! Sounds like a busy weekend. I don't like scary movies but I like spiced cider :)

Emily Jane

Cute pics! And Shutter Island was AMAZING - it was just about as scary as I can take in a movie, THOROUGHLY brilliant though. I really want to read the book!

Dancing Branflake

Congrats on being asked to tutor! That is so awesome! And it sucks when people aren't reliable. I am definitely trying your Mexican chicken. Yum!


Happy Monday, Krysten! Sounds like a good weekend overall, but wow... so busy! I don't envy you, having to sell stuff or risk being hauled into the boss' office. Good for you for getting it done so you didn't have to have a "power meeting"!

I love Mexican chicken. We like to chop up red and yellow peppers, and throw black beans on top as well. Yum! I'm making it for dinner tomorrow night actually.

Kristin Hjellegjerde

I can't even watch horror movies...help I scream so loud and run and hide behind walls sofaes etc.... I am not kidding!


I used to get really bummed when people canceled or were late. This past year though I've made an effort to live my days without worrying about other people's plans. If they're late I start without them, if they cancel I learn not to count on them. In the end I'm a much more relaxed person :)


Your Mexican chicken sounds so yum! And hooray for the tutoring! Your post just made me crave tater tots too :) These are great pix and glad your weekend was fun, despite the busy!

la petite coquine

It sounds like the weekend had its ups and downs, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling positive! And it's very sweet of you to send love Melissa's way!


Wow i never realised the pressure store assistants were under to sign up credit cards, what a crap part of a job! Congrats on the tutoring, bet you'll be great

Crazy Shenanigans

Wow it does sound like you were busy! That sucks that your brother couldn't make it.


okay Jeepers Creepers= still gives me nightmares and I saw it in 8th grade. sooo creepy.

and i totally agree about people backing out!! one of my biggest pet peeves, mostly because I get so excited about seeing them and them am wayy too disappointed.

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

yay, so glad to hear school is going well! i remember those computer classes....like gee that would've been handy 15 years ago! :P

ps - i really liked shutter island too. it was so beautifully shot. :)


Sounds like your wknd turned out ok though :) yay for tutoring!

Erika Grover

I am definately going to be trying the cider & spided rum...yum thanks!

Amber Blue Bird

Wow that is a busy weekend. I so know where you are coming from with the whole dog walking thing. My poor pup is officially overweight according to our vet (only by 5 pounds) and I know its because I dont walk him enough, but he has a backyard too but still I need to get off my lazy bum and walk him around more

Oh and I saw Shutter Island in the movie theater when it first came out (I still have a bit of a crush on Mr. Dicaprio) and loved it too!! Have you ever seen the film Let The Right One In? Its a bit of a scary movie that might fit well into another movie marathon day... :)


glad your weekend turned out a bit better!
Congrats on getting asked to tutor. That is a big honor!


BUSY BUSY!!!! I not big on flake outs ...but then again sometimes i got to do it and I HATE it! Looks like a beautiful walk...Perfect weather!!!!

Cheers to a better week!


Ugh let me tell you how much I dislike card sales. I'm so sorry they put so much pressure on you. When I worked at AE and didn't get any "clear cards" one day, my Manager called me stupid. I was like "No one wanted one, I couldn't force them!"


You get upset over people cancelling and arriving late? You would not do well here in Mexico hahahaha

Cider and spiced rum?!?!! Sounds awesome!

Anna Walker

I am so using that recipe!!!
I have salsa that I haven't used and I had no idea what to do with it! :) Seems super easy and great!

I'm sorry your saturday afternoon wasn't super amazing but I am glad it got better as the day went on!


Chic 'n Cheap Living

Oh yes Shutter Island was great!

Hot apple cider is awesome and makes things better :)

Oh, My Darling

Aw, you are so very sweet to send some lovin' my way from your readers! I appreciate it tons! The email you sent to me was so very touching, and I'll be replying to you with lots of gratitude and thanks once I have the opportunity to give it the thought and time that your incredible message deserves! Thanks for your major kindheartedness!


i hate waiting on people too!! i can be very inpatient at times.

i think i need to make me some of that mexican chicken, i love anything involving melty, yummy cheese :)

Mom Taxi Julie

Wow that really sucks that they put pressure on you for the credit card sign ups. Those things are the debil!! But I guess that's how they make money.

That drink sounds yummy!

Sooo I watched Shutter Island. Do you think he really WAS crazy or that it was all a set up?? I was still slightly on the fence when it was over lol.


I need to take my dog out for more walks, but I always make lame excuses not to. xD

Oh and I'm planning on making Mexican Chicken for dinner for the first time tomorrow, what a coinky dink!



I know what you mean..it's so frustrating when people back out of plans and you were expecting them. It happens to me too. I'm glad you had a good weekend though! I need to start taking Ginger for more walks too!


I miss when the hubs and I used to clean together. Weird? Now he has no time and I'm the cleaning lady. Boo. HA! Sounds like you two had a fab weekend!


Oh, I make that chicken in the Crock-Pot. It is SO GOOD and SO EASY to make. This reminds me to put it on my shopping list for next week. :)

Red Boots

Hot apple cider and rum - that sounds too delicious for words!!



I -love- tater tots!!! Great movie snack. :) Goad your weekend worked out!