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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


For those who haven't heard, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it runs through the month of November.  Basically, if you want to write a novel this is the down and dirty way to do it.  It's 50,000 words in 30 days, which equals out to roughly 1667 words a day.

I found out about NaNo in October of 2008 and promptly signed up for the November 2008 session.  In junior high and high school I actually wrote two novels and I figured it couldn't possibly be that hard, right?  Well 50,000 words in 30 days is something else and it takes dedication.  And I'm pretty proud of that fact that I reached that goal in both 2008 and 2009.

That being said, I have yet to go through and edit either of those novels.  And believe me, they need to be edited in the worst way.  But NaNoWriMo is not about editing, it's about getting your story down on paper and not going back to fix things.

As any of you who follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook know, I'm a little worried about NaNo this year.  Between work and school and this lovely blog, not to mention keeping our house clean and spending time with friends and family I worry that maybe I won't have time for 1667 words a day.  I tend to be a bit of a slacker at times, especially when I have a lot of other things going on.

This is where you all come in.  Who else is planning on doing NaNo this year?  If you are, you should find me (my username is Mrs.Hartie) and friend me.  Maybe together we can encourage each other to keep going even when writer's block feel imminent or when those 1667 words a day just feel like too much.

In addition, I plan on doing a weekly update of my progress here.  And if I'm not where I need to be I expect all of you to get on me!  I need encouragement!

For any of you that aren't sure, definitely try it.  I will tell you that at the end of 30 days when you have 50,000 (or more) words in front of you you feel INCREDIBLE.  Plus, it's one step closer to maybe seeing your name in print.  And how cool would that be!?


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48 wonderful thoughts:

Diana Mieczan

That sounds like a great project...and I bet you will be great! I am off to check it out right now:)
hugs and kisses,sweetie

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

Im SURE SURE SURE you can do it this year too go for it!!! xoxo

Ashley Hasty

I've seen several references to NaNo but I wasn't clear what it was! Thanks for the information!


I have def tossed around the idea, but I honestly don't even have any ideas for a novel!! but i'll definitely encourage you!


I'll be doing it this year! I dont think I'm following you on twitter, (yet) and I'm going to find you on NaNo. I'm psyched to get started, this is my first year doing it!


Krysten, girl, I don't know why you're stressing - you've done this before and you'll do it again; it's who you are.
We'll all be here to give you a swift kick in the ass if you're slacking too... so don't worry about that!


Oh, and good luck!

Emily Jane

It's always been a dream of mine to write a novel, but I must say thinking of that many words per day really intimidates me! I think the month before my wedding is probably not the best idea and may end up with me throwing my laptop out the window lol but I think I'll be on board NEXT NaNoWriMo. Good luck!! :)

Melanie's Randomness

Wow you wrote 2 novels in high school? That rocks! I'm doing the NaNo this year because I have a novel idea & started it but no motivation to work on it! Maybe this year but yeah I'm a lil skrimped on time too. Mornings & nights I guess? I'll be back to see people's comments cuz I need some help! Good luck dear!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

I'm sure you'll do it this year, too! I think this kind of activity would be helpful for someone like me because I procrastinate in the worst way.

Smart Ass Sara

I might do it. I have two memoirs in process and this might force me to finish one of them. Ugh. I don't know if I can do it man...


That sounds awesome, a great goal to try and reach! I know you can do it, I'm excited to see how it goes.


What a great goal you've set and such an inspiring project! I love your idea of finding a friend to do it with :)

Teenage Bride

I am working on a new novel now and editing my older work


I've never heard of that before but I like the idea.

And head over to my blog, I've given you some awards!

Cafe Fashionista

I have always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo but I feel like I never have the time. Maybe next year. Good luck, my love!! :)


I'm not, but thank you for clearing up for me what NaNoWriMo means because I had no idea. :) You'll be great at this!!


That's awesome! I don't think I can do it... I don't have any ideas... But I will certainly cheer you on!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

You can do it girl - we'll encourage you!


Wow! What an idea. Did you already have a synopsis when you started? Or did you just start writing?


I have confidence in you! You can do it, sweetie! :) xoxo

la petite coquine

What a fantastic project! I have a little novel brewing, but I'm not sure if it will be ready for this year's NaNo! Go kick some novel butt, girl!

Dancing Branflake

I want to do it. Can I still sign up? Also congrats on 500 followers! That is exciting!


Huge challenge, I agree, but you're totally up to it, Krysten! Good luck!


Such an incredible project. I'm always jealous of those that participate. I simply don't have the time. : (


Such an incredible project. I'm always jealous of those that participate. I simply don't have the time. : (


Interesting idea. I plan to write a book someday but in 30 days? Whoa!! That is a lofty goal if you have any life other than writing! Good luck if you do attempt this again


Interesting idea. I plan to write a book someday but in 30 days? Whoa!! That is a lofty goal if you have any life other than writing! Good luck if you do attempt this again

Amber Blue Bird

wow that sounds like a great project..I would love to write but I can never pin point an idea...maybe I will toss some around this weekend and see what I come up with..i will keep you posted. Either way I hope you find the time to do this and I wish you luck!

The Blonde Duck

Kudos to you for doing it!


that sounds so cool! I can't believe I've never heard of it before. I want to try although it seems a little daunting!


I tried it for the first time last year but it was a total failure. I'm going to attempt to do it again, but probably not shooting for 50,000 words with my schedule as crazy as it is. I think I might halve it, or even make it just 10,000 words. But I think it'll be a good step in the right direction of finally WRITING my novel!


wow that is Definitely a lot of work! but also such an awesome way to get something so huge done. i always need deadlines and official projects to get me motivated. so go krysten!!! ra! ra! ra!!!

ps - i love your halloween costume idea! that is hilarious! are you going to have the poof?... :)


You are much braver than I! I don't think I could do NaNo. Good luck!


OOhh Go for it! That sounds amazing! I've never tried to write. Not sure that I could.

hip hip gin gin

Wow, that is amazing in a very hard core sort of way!! Good for you for already completing 2 novels, that is fantastic!! I'm sure you can do it again, and we'll all be here cheering you on!!!


That is alot of words in one day. I am actually working on my first book as well and I ma super duper pumped.


Just friended you on the site :) Can't wait to get started!


I know I couldn't dedicate my time to writing a novel right now but I really respect everyone who does, or even those who try! Good luck, hun!


I have always wanted to participate in the novel writing deal, but I just don't think I have 50k words to say, much less the patience.

Either way, Good luck and I hope you can get it done for a 3rd year in a row!


Awesome, good luck!! I'd love to do it but I know that realistically there is noooo way I'd have the time to write that much daily. Bah, real life! Can I retire now? ;)

Crazy Shenanigans

I thought about participating last year but this year there's no way with work and such that I'd be able to accomplish it. Good luck!!! I hope you can do it for the 3rd year in a row!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest

I am terrified of nanowrimo! Still, I am considering it. But it does sound daunting.

kelly ann

oh gosh, i always forget about nanowrimo! i know so many people who participate, it's awesome. best of luck, sweetie! we're here for you. <3


Oh my goodness!

I'd completely forgotten about NaNoWriMo and how I planned to FINALLY participate this year.

I'm a little hesitant too, as I tend to want to fix things and fix things, and then tweak them a little more.

But if you're in, I'm in. We're all in this together! Support will help us succeed, even though I'm incredibly busy as well!



steph anne

That's awesome that you'll be doing it!!! I'm definitely looking forward to them! :)

marissa breanna

I'm so glad you turned me on to this! I can't tell you how many half-baked novels I have saved to my computer. I just signed up and am so excited! Thanks!

Oh, My Darling

Oh wow, what a seriously awesome project! You're an inspiration!