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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pina Coladas


I worked this weekend.

Yep.  Work.

Okay well ACTUALLY Saturday morning was the holiday meeting at Best Buy.  Basically nearly 200 employees showed up at 7AM for all kinds of fun.  I mean hey, I can't complain, they got us donuts and juice.  So it was basically a quick review holiday stuff and then a lot of screaming at the end.  Which was good because the screaming woke me up.  But I'm going to tell you all something.  I'm scared I might get killed next weekend.  Black Friday at Best Buy sounds TERRIFYING!  So if I'm not around after next weekend... well, you know what happened.

I worked at Maurices in the afternoon.  I was actually in a pretty great mood and they day went by fast.  I won't say anything about what's going on but I'm hoping I can just keep doing what I'm doing so that I don't have to worry.  Fingers crossed.

Dustin and I rented Grown Ups from Redbox Saturday night.  It was actually pretty funny!  Kind of a cute movie for anyone to see and we both enjoyed it!  Plus any movie that has Escape (The Pina Colada Song) in it is a good movie in my book!

I also worked Sunday at Maurices.  I woke up around 8 and right after getting out of the shower I had a missed called from Amy.  Basically our newest manager, Jen, called Amy and Shannon to say she couldn't work because it was raining and supposedly the roads were freezing.  Which is total crap because I drive just as far as Jen does and I wasn't calling in.  So Amy ended up having to work which made me happy because I love working with Amy.  Despite the computers being down for about an hour we had a really great day.

After work I raced home (or tried to, the roads were still a smidge slippery) because Dustin and I had a date to see HP7 Part 1 (and if you don't know what I'm talking about that makes me really, really upset).  I'm pretty much totally happy about the movie except I'm still mad at J.K. Rowling for just randomly killing people.  I seriously can't believe there's just one movie left and then... that's it.  I really don't remember a time when there wasn't something Harry Potter related to look forward to so it's going to be odd when it's all over.  Most likely I will cry.  Oh, and if you haven't seen the movie yet and you're planning to I suggest you bring some tissues with.

THIS WEEK is going to be absolute insanity.  I have to get all my homework done today and before work at Maurices tomorrow.  I need to call Best Buy to find out if they plan to give me anymore training or if I'm just supposed to stand around and look pretty Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I also need to clean the apartment AND finish NaNo.  Lord.  This should be interesting...


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busy weekends, busy weeks... these are the things dreams are made of! NOT! Hope your week is bomb and you'are able to truly enjoy time with family - don't forget, just because you are the hostess, doesn't mean you can't take a break and talk to people!


I cannot even imagine working Friday at Best Buy. My thoughts will be with you!
And we are all going to HP over the weekend when everyone is home:)


Oh how I loved Harry Potter!
Ulla and I saw it on Friday night and we were both sobbing when poor lovely Dobby died!

Hope you get a nice week even if it will be buzy :)

Scientific Housewife

I've seen Best Buy on the outside at Black Friday so I can only imagine how busy it is inside. There is a woman in Tampa that started camping out 9 days in advance at our local Best Buy ... how crazy is that?? Good luck!

Emily Jane

I remember working a Boxing Day at Best Buy and I imagine black Friday may be JUST as crazy... yikes!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

ooh busy weeks are so not my favorite thing!
I cant wait to watch HP!

Dancing Branflake

Man! I worked one black Friday and I saw the oddest things happen. People go crazy!!!! Sorry you had to work all weekend. Sounds like you have a positive attitude about it.

The Favour Shoppe

sounds like a very busy weekend ! I so wanna see grown ups!

Cafe Fashionista

As someone who has experienced Black Friday at Best Buy (as a customer)...may the force be with you! Seriously, it is terrifying - two guys got in a fistfight at the one located near me one year. Over a TV no less!! :P

dating diva

Good luck with everything! I've worked a couple black Fridays at a clothing store before, and it can get a little scary. I image things are a bit different at Best Buy though. Hope all goes well!


The Non-Student

HP was fantastic! Too bad I saw it with a date who insisted on talking through it. FML>


If your store is anything like mine then things shouldn't really get out of hand on Friday. We only let in a certain number of customers at a time and we ticket the major items to the people who are in line first so people aren't killing each other over laptops and flatscreen TVs. It's busy, but it's definitely not insanity. Good luck! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Good luck Black Friday (I can imagine how overenthusiastic shoppers must be!) Yes gotta see HP!

Jessie Szmanda

Good luck this week, YOU CAN DO IT!


I have a few friends who've worked or work at Best Buy, and although it's crazy, I've never heard any true horror stories. I hope it goes well!

I'm glad you got to see HP. I loved it, but I agree that it was ridiculous of JK to kill characters off like she did. I sobbed when Dobby died. It's so much harder actually seeing them die than it is reading about it, at least for me.


Black Friday is going to be crazy at Best Buy- i don't envy you:-) Sounds like you have the week ahead! XX

just me.

oh my gosh. i loved the movie!! oddly enough though, i didn't cry. the thing is, i cried during 4 and 5 but not 6 or 7. something must be wrong with me...
anyway. working is no good... until the pay check comes!
happy monday!


I loved seeing Harry Potter too, not least for the small glimpse of London again. But yeah, it was definitely a dark one! Good luck with Best Buy and - eek - Black Friday! :)


Oh, my gosh. I will be praying for you on Friday. Working a Black Friday at Best Buy? EEP!


I can't wait to see it! I will cry when it's all over too.

I'll be thinking of you black friday ;)

Diana Mieczan

I cant wait to watch HP...Wish you a lovely day,sweetie

la petite coquine

My thoughts will be with you on Black Friday-I'll be staying at home, far from any shopping outlets!

As for HP7-don't say anymore! I haven't gotten to see it yet, but I'm SO EXCITED! I'm not usually one for caps or EEE's!, but Harry Potter just does something to me!


I'll be praying for you lady. Black Friday at Best Buy has got to be NO JOKE. HA!


I love Grown Ups :)

Hopefully I'll get to see HP7P1 Tuesday or Wednesday!

The Blonde Duck

Kudos on your writing progress!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

You are a brave soul working Black Friday!

Amber Blue Bird

I was watching Saturday Night Live last Saturday and they had a skit about an "electronics store" and Black Friday. It was hilarious. They were giving people box cutters to help them open packages.

I hope they dont do that at your store :)


did you see the skit on SNL this weekend about the mega-mart black friday sale? it's pretty funny and what you said about dying on friday reminded me of it. go watch it if you haven't yet.

Teenage Bride

i saw HP this weekend in NY it was FAB!!! we didn't even have to wait in line lol


Girl, I do not envy you at ALL when it comes to working on Friday, but I know you will be amazing!

And HP! Wasn't it incredible??? I cannot WAIT until July! I wonder how they'll film the end...


I will take your advice when I go see the movie!
Please survive Kristen!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

I've shopped at Best Buy before on Black Friday and oh man! I can't even imagine what it's going to be like this year!

I completely agree with you on Grown Ups. I saw it in the theater and I loved it! So cute! Just saw HP and it was amazing!


You're busy! I applied to Maurice's in my area for seasonal work, but they never got back to me :( I have some friends at Best Buy, so maybe I'll try there! :)


I balled like a BABY at HP! It ended so abruptly too, which was so not cool. I can't wait for Part 2!


LOVED HP7! Wasn't thinking it would end where it did, but I'm so ready for Part 2 to get here now!

Mrs. D

I totally cried in HP too! I can't wait for Part 2... I thought this one was a little slow and Part 2 is going to be all action!

Sandy a la Mode

oh i didn't know you worked at maurices!! one of my fave blue shirts is from there!! it has a bow on the front of course!!


Gooooooood luck this friday lady! When I saw you work on Black Friday, was like- whoaaa!

Shelley Ann

i will be right there crying with you when harry potter ends. it's going to be so sad!! in a way i wish she would write another book, but i dont it to ruin anything!


I can't wait to see HP7!! And yes...Grown Ups was funny. Hope you don't get trampled at Best Buy on Friday!!


wow you might be super busy on Friday! I hope they give you an awesome deal on top of the Black Friday deals :)

Erika Grover

I am scared FOR YOU at Best Buy ... I heard people are already camping out for the sale. Good luck, I'm sure you will need to rest up after that day.

I'm eager to redbox Grown Ups I wasn't sure thanks for the suggestion!


I loved part one of the Deathly Hallows! Soooo wonderful. I braved a blizzard to see it, and it was so worth it!


Good luck with black friday at BB. I loved harry potter!!! enjoy!

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Oh, My Darling

My goodness, you are a busy lady!!!