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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: eShakti

About a month ago I was approached by a website called eShakti.  I'd heard of them before and when they offered to send me a sample of anything from their site I was incredibly excited.

Some really neat things about eShakti:

  • They carry sizes 0-26W, which is fantastic because it means there is something for every kind of woman, every kind of shape.
  • You can submit your measurements for custom styling and it only costs an extra $7.50.
  • All orders, including anything custom, ships in 3 business days, delivery at 7 to 8 business days.
  • Shakti means "power" in Sanskrit so eShakti means power of the Net.  They believe that the internet empowers customers and helps companies be customer-centered.
If you haven't been to the website, you should.  They have a ton of cute stuff and it definitely took me awhile to choose what I wanted to order from them.  Some of my contenders were:

I have to say I'm pretty in love with the dress I received and can't wait to wear it over the holidays! I wish I could share a picture of it with you all but unfortuntely it's not on the website anymore. However, I gotta say I'm so happy with it!

My only warning is be sure to go to a professional to get your measurements if you're going to do the custom measurements on the site (which I so recommend, by the way, it's like getting a dress custom made for your body). I'm lucky my dress looks amazing despite having had my hubby take my measurements, but it was kind of a ridiculous process, which wouldn't have been the case with a professional.

Now go shopping at eShakti and find something you will LOVE.

Edit: I'll be modeling the dress sometime during the holiday season so I promise pictures the minute I wear it!


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Helena - A Diary of Lovely

eshakti is definitely an interesting concept

Diana Mieczan

I really like that shop. Thanks for the tip,sweetie


i totally want to see your dress!

Ashley Hasty

I want to see your dress, too! I love that first look. It would be great for the holidays!

Cafe Fashionista

Such an interesting concept for a site, I have heard many others discuss it recently, as well. Great review! :)


I do love the concept of this shop - would have loved to see a pic of your dress. Thanks so much for the tip!

Erika Grover

Great review :) I am a big fan of ordering things on line lately since I have limited time


maybe you can model the piece you got?!
The top one you pictured looks totally up your alley!

I'll have to go look around... :)

Dancing Branflake

I can't wait to see you in it! Thanks for the review!


Interesting! This could be really fun... if I could ever decide on what I wanted!


yeah, i'm always leery of ordering clothes from a place i don't know in real life to try on their sizes. even when i've given exact measurements, it's never quite right and varies from shop to shop. so i usually just alter everything myself. i like the concept of eshakti, but i don't like their color selection and i've been curious about the accuracy of their sizes. still, they have some pretty cute stuff and i love that first dress you posted. can't wait to see you in your dress!


It's a cute dress! But if I'm paying for custom measurements, it better be right! Although if their prices are good and it is still custom then I'm happy ;)

What's their return policy?


I love those two contenders! Thanks for the honest review...looking forward to seeing your dress!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

Very cute! I've heard great things about this website.

la petite coquine

I'm still a little puzzled about the customizable aspect of these dresses (can you really add a sleeve to ANYTHING?!) but I think the concept is pretty ingenious! Such a good reminder about user error!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

very cute dress. I appreciate your honesty- i think that's so important!


My friend showed me this site awhile ago and I LOVE it! They have the cutest stuf. But your opinion was great-I'm always weary of online shopping so any tips are great :) Thanks


Can't wait to see you in it...and I always appreciate an honest review!


Can't wait to see the dress! It's always nice to read an honest review. I really appreciate that.


Can't wait to see the dress! It's always nice to read an honest review. I really appreciate that.


I love the grey and red combos.


They look comfy! That is important to me.


Love the review & that you were honest with it. Their shop is cute and I love the concept behind it.

Amber Blue Bird

never heard of the shop but will check it out, cant wait to see you in the dress


Can't hurt to check it out right? That's for the honest feedback.


Oh, what a pretty dress!


See, this is why I love my fellow bloggers... I find out about all this great stuff!! Love ya dear! xo

Smart Ass Sara

OK- can I say I hate the dress pictured? It's too... um... casual and dressy trying to be friends. Like you couldn't really pull it off anywhere. But I will say I'm ubber picky about stuff. But I do need more dresses..

The Blonde Duck

I can't wait to see you model it!

Srsly Liz

Ooh pretty! Can't wait to see how it looks on you {fab I bet} :)


I opened the site and immediately saw cute dresses! Sweeeeet. I need something for a wedding in a month!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Thanks for the tips dear!


I'm looking forward to the pic and thanks for the honest review:-). I'll have to check out that site.


Great review.. thanks for sharing

kelly ann

oohh, cute dresses! i need a dress for christmas, i'm checking out their website now. thanks for such a honest review, dear!


Fun idea -- sorry you aren't thrilled with your dress, though!
xo Josie

this free bird

Okay I'm so glad you did this post and I appreciate the review. They asked me and I wussed out...please show us your dress. I like the concept and would love to see how it turned out.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

I'm so glad you posted this. They sent me a dress and I haven't wrote the review yet. I got it on Friday and was really disappointed. I had mine custom fitted as well and it was way too big... plus the fabric (which was houndstooth) had major flaws in it. Did yours have a packing slip in it?

Savvy Gal

can't wait to see you in the picture.

Scientific Housewife

How interesting! Can't wait to see it!

Sandy a la Mode

ohhh so cute!! i love two tone dresses where the top and bottom are different!! :)

The Non-Student

Cool concept, but perhaps a little too good to be true? I wouldn't trust myself to get accurate measurements.

Destined For Now

Sounds fantastic! And very inexpensive custom tailoring.

Poppies and Sunshine

Love these dresses! And how fun you were approached to do this!

Maria Celina

You know, I really like your taste. I like the dress that you selected, and even with the previous giveaways that you had, I liked the accessories that you selected, especially the feather ring and the watch necklace (though I currently own something similar).

Looking forward to seeing the photo of you wearing the dress. =)


Please post pics! I like the outfits you chose; am just sorry to hear they didn't fit you perfectly (hey, it happens when ordering on the internet).


i love that little flower detail on the first dress - so pretty!

Tay Talk

It is a great dress. Nice Rich Red.

Thanks for the pointer though, it's always a bummer when you find things out later.