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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Saturday V3.3


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Wine
2. The MOA
3. Homemade pizza
4. Bones
5. Christmas cards
6. Happy customers
7. A lit Christmas tree
8. Elf
9. French vanilla ice cream
10. The Script


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24 wonderful thoughts:


I've not watched Elf in sooooooo long! It made me cry! Haha.
I love that december picture too, makes me feel all festive. x

Cafe Fashionista

Elf, Elf, Elf...one of my favorite movies! :)


I am orinially from Minnesota! Love the MOA!! and Bones is an awesome show :D

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

homemade pizza makes me happy too! Have a great one xoxo

Audrey Allure

I love homemade pizza too :)


I love that photo!

Mmmm pizza :)

My name is Renée.

Your list includes a lot of my little happiness!

Rachel Cotterill

I'm making Christmas cards this weekend (and probably next weekend, too, since I have to do a lot of them!!)

Diana Mieczan

I so need to get Christmas cards this weekend! Thanks for the reminder, sweetie
Happy Weekend

Erika Grover

Isn't homemade pizza the BEST!? Luv it...also luvin my lit x-mas tree too ;) something bout it just brings s little serenity .... Elf is one of my fave xmas movies so funny!


I love Bones and Elf! I need to watch Elf sometime soon, such a great movie, and I already watched Bones on Thursday ;D

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

It sounds like you've got a great start to the month!


Think I'll go get me a glass of wine right about now :)
Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


French Vanilla sounds so good!
I've never even heard of it! lol

Fruity Lashes

i can't wait for xmas to come!

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I think Elf could make anyone happy. I need it right now! I'm grumpy! Haha.

Lia Waroka Putri

vanilla is my everytime favorite flavour! hope u have a great christmas ^^


I love Elf. I love it so much I was convinced I had it on DVD...but I don't. Boo!


yessss. Love this list :)

and pizza? is the BEST!


I can never get enough of happy lists!


Great list! Now I want homemade pizza. So what if it's 7:25 in the morning...


Beautiful pic and i hope you're having a great Sunday(or what's left of it:-)). XX


I'm so glad you had happy customers! I know that with the crazy holidays people can get mean, so it's nice when some aren't.

Homemade pizza is on the list for this week! :)

Emily Jane

I love that wine was #1, lol :) And Elf!! Reminds me of the ONE Christmas Day I had to work at the drug store, and we had those little portable DVD players for sale at the till and played movies to pass the day (seriously, ZERO customers) and Elf was definitely in there!!