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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

Lara has some problems in her life: the company that she's started with her best friend is floundering, her boyfriend just broke up with her and her parents seem to think that she can't do anything right.  So when she's at the funeral of her great aunt Sadie and suddenly there is a woman that looks like she's straight out of the 20's that only Lara can see, she starts to wonder if maybe she's going slightly mad.  The woman turns out to be the ghost of Sadie and she has one wish before she passes onto the afterlife, for Lara to help her find the necklace that has somehow been lost.  Lara must agree to help because Sadie won't go away until the necklace is found.  What starts off for Lara as an irritation turns into a treasure hunt, not just to find the necklace but also to find out more about her great aunt.  Soon Lara begins to wonder if Sadie isn't just haunting her, maybe Sadie is really her guardian angel.

 I've always been a fan of Sophie Kinsella's books.  In fact, Confessions of a Shopaholic was the very first chic lit book that I ever read!  However, I'd read a few bad reviews from others bloggers about this book so I almost didn't even bother.  I will say I'm glad I picked it up.  Is it the world's best book ever?  No.  It was a little slow to start but once I got into it I did find myself really enjoying the characters, especially Sadie.  And when I was nearing the end I got a little choked up!  It's certainly chic lit and while I'll say it wasn't my very favorite Sophie Kinsella novel I still did enjoy it a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read.


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31 wonderful thoughts:

The Favour Shoppe

sounds like a wonderful book!

Diana Mieczan

Sounds like a great read
Kisses, my dear

Tяainwяeck Tяagedy

This sounds like a really intriguing lighthearted fun read! And perfect for the holidays. I might actually go out and get this book. :)

sarah - dodeline design

Thanks for the rec! I'm always looking for a good book to read :-)


Oh i read this and LOVED it!! I soooo wanted to put on some pearls and a head band and be a twenties girl!! :)

Emily Jane

I've never read anything considered chick lit but I've heard lots of good things about her books. May be one to take with me on holiday next month :)

Dancing Branflake

I'm always down for a fun read! I've never read her books but just might now that an avid reader like yourself likes her.

Cafe Fashionista

I read this book a few years back and fell in love. Given the fact that I adore the Twenties era, I found that it was irresistible! :)

Audrey Allure

Hmm sounds interesting, I read a Sophie Kinsella book before & it didn't disappoint so I'm sure this is worth a checking out :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

I didn't know she wrote "Confessions of a Shopaholic!" I'll definitely check her out!

jeanette from everton terrace

I haven't read any of her books but I know my daughter, who reads absolutely everything (even science journals) likes them.

Teenage Bride

oh confessions of a shopaholic that book brings back memories! loved it


I do love a good Sophie book!

Erika Grover

Sounds like a fun read indeed! Thanks :)

Erika Grover

Sounds like a fun read indeed! Thanks :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I like your review--Kinsella isn't high brow, so it's pretty shameful to review her work as though it should be. I like reviews that take a work exactly as it is--you reviewed like Ebert does movies and I appreciate that!

Sarah B.

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always looking for fun books to read during school breaks :)

la petite coquine

This sounds like such a clever, fascinating story!

The Gourmet Traveller

I only read this last weekend and really loved it! I think I read it in about 3 hours flat and sometimes a girl really needs a lighthearted read to get her through a busy week! It was good fun.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

I read this awhile back...not sure if I ever did review it. Overall I think Kinsella's books are fun and funny and I liked this one, too.


I'm always looking for a fun read!

Amber Blue Bird

not sure if this one is for me but i love reading your book reviews


This is next on my Kindle wish list! I'm on the final Shopaholic book now. :)

Elle Sees

i've never read any of her stuff! i'm glad to see i'm missing out and need to get on these soon.

dating diva

Another lovely book review! I'll have to add this one to my list too :)


The Blonde Duck

It sounds cute!


I really loved that book. It was a little weird and sometimes I just wanted to throw the book across the room, ha!


Sounds like a great read for when i get some down time:-). Love the review! XX


I ADORE Sophie Kinsella but found this book a touch disappointing. I think I was just expecting another Shopaholic book, which I absolutely love -- it was good, though, and I've read it a couple of times.
xo Josie

kelly ann

i liked this book, too! not my favourite sophie book, but i definitely enjoyed it. :) i basically love anything she writes, though!

Melanie's Randomness

Oh this book sounds like a cute lil tale! I've never read the Confessions book but I'm always looking for new titles. I'll check this one out!! =)

Melanie's Randomness