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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's In The Bag

A Hasty Life

Today I'm really excited because it is my day to show you all what's in my bag as part of A Hasty Life's It's In The Bag Blog Crawl!  If you haven't heard of A Hasty Life or this blog crawl you should definitely check them both out, Ashley is such a great girl and this blog crawl is so much fun.

This came at a great time for me because Dustin just got me a new purse for Christmas.  I was actually a little worried because I'd been dropping hints about wanting a new purse but I am SUPER picky when it comes to purses.  However, Dustin actually has really great taste and he didn't let me down.

In terms of a purse, I need something big enough to carry all my stuff AND hold a book.  I bring a book with me everywhere I go so I need something that even a bigger book (hmm, like the 7th Harry Potter maybe?) can fit in.  I also like a purse with lots of pockets because I hate when my stuff is all jumbled together.

Without further ado, my lovely little purse.

Super cute right?  It has a pocket on each side, one for my keys and one for my cellphone and iPod.  It also has a front pocket (with nothing in it yet, hehe, I'm not used to so many pockets!) and a back outside pocket for gum and, oh, candy, hehe.  Then the inside has two sections, one that I put my book in and one that I have my wallet, checkbook and organizer.

Yep, I carry pretty much my whole life in my purse.  Here it is!

  1. My horrible phone.  We're holding off on getting new phones till March when our T-Mobile contract is up.  So I have a pretty lame phone.  But it sends texts so that makes me happy!
  2. Gum.  Being that I drink so much coffee I need something to take away the yucky coffee breath.
  3. Jump drive.  It pretty much stores all my old school work and pictures.  I have my pictures backed up in 4 different places.  I'm paranoid of losing them!
  4. Pretty pink iPod.  Pink is my favorite color.
  5. Lipstick.  It's kind of a berry lip color, I love it.
  6. Lip gloss.  It has a little color that intensifies the berry lipstick.
  7. Lotion.  I HATE when my hands feel dry!  It is a winter necessity.
  8. Chapstick, another necessity.  I have big lips and I like them to stay soft.
  9. A compact for touching up my makeup.
  10. The book I'm currently reading.  The library didn't get Mockingjay to me fast enough so I'm reading this book, which I'll be reviewing for TLC Book Tours soon.
  11. My planner with its I Love NaNoWriMo sticker.  I rock, I know.
  12. My pretty wallet!  It's from Maurice's (had to take advantage of the discount while I could).
  13. A pen.  You never know when you'll need one.
  14. Our checkbook.  I still write the occasional check and I feel better with the checkbook in my purse.
So there you have it, my purse and all its contents!  Don't forget to drop by A Hasty Life to check out the rest of the crawl's participants.  You can also drop by Sandy a la mode to check out her bag from yesterday and stop by Lakewood Manor tomorrow to find out what's in her purse!

59 wonderful thoughts:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

thats a lot of stuff, we all carry so many stuff right? nice purse!

Diana Mieczan

I really love your purse and your wallet is really adorable:) Happy Tuesday,sweetie

Scientific Housewife

I love these type of posts, everything is so clean and nice looking!

The Favour Shoppe

That purse is so pretty! In my wallet and phone and keys. Thats it! :)


awesome - I love your purse!

I should think about downsizing some of the crap I keep in my purse... hmmmm....

Ashley Hasty

Thank you so much for your sweet compliments!!! I loved reading about your purse! Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl!

<3 Ashley

Erika Grover

I luv this so cute! P.s. lah lah luv your wallet, and purse--go hubs!

Punctuation Mark

love the size... he has a great eye indeed!

Cafe Fashionista

I have a pink iPod too - it is literally my lifeline. And I'm convinced that the music sounds better in pink! :P

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns

Oh fun - Love the new purse! Yea for it having lots of pockets! :)

We have the same iPod. :) Pink is my fave color too.

Staley Mc

I love posts like these! I love seeing whats in other people's bags!


I love your purse! I have wanted a coach bag forever, but I can never decide on one. One day!

Teenage Bride

Oh my goodness I wouldl be so embarrassed to show the contents of my purse. it is the one area of my life that I allow to be a chaotic mess haha

Jessie Szmanda

Ok, what a FUN idea! I might just need to do this next week!

Elle Sees

come to verizon! i love it!!!


I love your pocketbook! The next Coach bag I get will have that many pockets, I'm so disorganized right now.


I do love browsing through other people's bags!

Caroline Henley

I'm so impressed that you can fit so much in your purse! Props! :)

Audrey Allure

I agree, a lotion is a must now that it's winter!


I love these posts!! Check out mine tomorrow ;)


you fit all that stuff in your purse?! you must be super organized!


LOVE your pretty floral wallet!


I love how you just have some lip things and a compact for makeup. I do my makeup at work, so I carry all my kits around with me. Time to start doing it first thing in the morning...

Also, my cell phone is worse than yours. Still, it cost me $25, sends texts and makes phone calls... so I'm fine with that!

Pink's my fave color too :)


SUPER cute new purse! Your lucky your husband has such great taste - I don't even want to know what my boyfriend would pick out for me, haha.

And I always carry a book with me, too! You just never know, right?

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Very nice!! I'm a huge fan of Coach! I'm carrying one right now!

Sandy a la Mode

yayyy for our group!! :) your purse is beautiful sweetie and pink is my fave color too!!!

its simple love

I love this! I definitely carry lotion everywhere! My hand crack in the winter... ouch! I did this same thing on my blog a few months back and I feel and it really does share so much about a person!


Connie @ SogniESorrisi

So fun! Love the new look around here.

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

nice bag! he did good. :)

i have to say, this is the most organized and impressive bag contents i've ever seen. seriously. i just switched purses, and one day later it looks like a freaking bomb went off in there.

bravo to you!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Cute wallet! i love these types of posts.

la petite coquine

I'm such a voyeur-I love peeking into other peoples' purses!

Melanie's Randomness

Ohh your wallet is really pretty!! I keep a planner & a book too in my purse! =)

Hey dear I'm running a Suprise Cupcake Giveaway today! If you get a chance pop on over!! =)

Melanie's Randomness


yes, i totally need chapstick and lotion everywhere i go. and the ability to hold a couple books is essential. fun!

Emily Jane

Love the purse, and how NEAT everything in it is! Mine's a disaster zone, lol :)

Amber Blue Bird

i think i have that same lame phone :)


Cute purse. I carry SO MUCH stuff with me all the time! It's kind of crazy haha. But I feel like I always have to be prepared. Usually it serves me well to have so much "stuff" in my purse though so that works.

The Non-Student

Must be a Mary Poppins magic bag. It's so cute and little, but holds a lot of stuff. Perfect! I would die before I had to share the contents of my bag.

Tamara Nicole

That wallet is so cute, love it:-)

Dancing Branflake

Awesome contents! I am loving this crawl and wish I knew about it earlier so I could have joined!


Ah this is great! My handbag is so heavy if I carry it too far I get backache :O


Your wallet is adorable!

I love these types of post.

Savvy Gal

i love to see what is in other gal's bag. : )


You're so organized! I always need a big bag too. Although it's not the book in your bag right now, I love the Hunger Games trilogy. The first was my favorite but Mockingjay kept me thinking for months afterwards.


lovely! I am a freak about lotion! I cannot stand to leave the house without it and I live in Florida! LOL! new follower!


Oh, gosh, I love your bag! It's so cute and TOTALLY YOU! :)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

The bag is so cute. The size the color everything.Just found your blog. It's great.


I love being able to see into other people purses!
And your wallet is super cute.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

So organized! I always carry a book or Kindle too!


Love your purse! Your husband has awesome taste!
I'm the same way! I always carry a book so I have to have a big bag.


I love peeping into people's purses! This was fun!



What a cute purse! And it looks like it's definitely keeping you very organized (extra pockets are soooo key!).


I'm always amazed by all the things everyone carries in their purse. All I have in mine is receipts, my wallet and keys. I suppose I am not the typical woman.


Hehe. I write checks all of the time. My husband says I am a total grandma...

And btw, we have the same Ipod! Hearts!

Oh, My Darling

Ooh, your purse is so snazzy!


I did a whats in my purse today too! And you totally made me realize that I left my cell phone out!

Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!


I've been loving these posts! Saw a few on some blogs I follow. Love Sandy A La Mode too!


FUN! Love the print of your wallet :)


Okay, I'm loving the new layout! And that purse is adorable. Dustin has some seriously good taste! Such an important quality in a man... hehe.

You definitely need a new cell phone chica! :) But hopefully your contract will be up soon so you can switch over to something awesome that will let you Tweet and blog and whatever else your heart desires.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

That new purse is darling--I envy your side pockets.