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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank You

Well, yesterday was my first day back at Perkins.  It was strange - so much has changed and yet very little has changed.  I mean, there are people, both customers and co-workers, there that I still know.  But honestly its been 5 years.  I've forgotten so much.  However, I think it went pretty well.  By the end of my shift I was running all the food and drinks out to tables, slowly ringing in orders, doing the side work.  It's coming back slowly but surely.  My goal is that by the end of this week (4 shifts in) I'll be rocking and rolling!

I want to thank you all for your kind comments on my post yesterday.  Losing my friendship with Amber has been a really hard thing for me.  To answer your questions, I don't totally understand why our friendship ended.  She said it is in part because of a mix-up that happened on Facebook, my unkind words to some mutual friends of ours and the way I was treating our friendship.  I know there are things I did that weren't right.  I was going through a not great time friend wise and I will admit that I am someone who speaks before she thinks.  It is something I'm trying to fix about myself but something that is going to take a LONG time for me to fix.  Anyway... I'll admit at the time that our friendship ended I was not the world's best friend.  But it hurt so badly to have our friendship end in an email.  I don't know.  The past is in the past.  And I'm trying hard to not hold out hope that Amber will in any way respond.  At this point the ball is in her court - I'm mailing the card today.  I simply congratulated her on the birthday of her first child, told her that I know she and her husband are going to be amazing parents (oh my gosh, they so are) and said that I regret our friendship ending and miss her.  Short and sweet.  I guess I'd be lying if I said there isn't a small place in my heart that hopes I hear from her.

 I have no shame, I seriously should not be posting this picture.  But two girls that laugh like this should not be not speaking, right?

So that is what's up.  My poor body hurts from actually having to do something at my job and moving around, lol.  But in a weird way it feels good.  I work tonight at 5 so until then... I guess I'm going to be a good wifey and clean the kitchen.

More soon!

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Helena - A Diary of Lovely

sweet doll hope it works out for yoU!

jeanette from everton terrace

Best wishes on this and you know, it's almost always the things you don't do that you regret in life, vs. the things you do.

Diana Mieczan

I really hope it works out and that photo is really adorable:) Hugs and kisses, darling

Aubrey S.

Glad the first day at the job went so well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with Amber.

The Favour Shoppe

I do hope you hear from her! Have a great night at work...I actually have the day off :)

Scientific Housewife

Sorry to hear about your friendship but hopefully you guys will be talking soon!


sounds like the perfect thing to write in a card - short and sweet - leave it up to her. You did the right thing and you are clearly in a better place in your life right now. I hope she calls, but don't get your hopes up, just in case!

Jamie Leigh

I went through something similiar with my best friend. We went almost 5 years without talking, and one day I just realized how much I missed her and reached out to her. Since then it has been as if nothing has happened. Good luck, it will all work out with time!

Cafe Fashionista

I'm so happy to hear that things are going well for you at Perkins - you will be up to speed in no time. And fingers crossed that things work out between you and Amber - I'm sure that she misses you, as well!! :)


Best of luck! I know what it's like to lose a close friend... I think we all deserve a second chance... We're human and we all make mistakes along the way. :)

Jessie Szmanda

I am so so glad to hear you sent her a card!! It will definitely mean something to her, I just know it!


I'm so sorry about your situation with Amber. I'm reading about it now and I can relate to you alot. One of the hardest things for me last year was drifting apart from a couple of important people in my life and realising I no longer play the role in people's lives that I once did. I'd do anything to have things back to the way they were.

Caroline Henley

you did the right thing! and even if she doesn't respond, at least you know you put yourself out there and tried. NOT knowing if you could have done more is far worse than trying and it not working out. I will keep you in my prayers that she responds though! You're definitely right, two girls who look that close need to be friends! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Your caption is so right - two girls that laugh like that should KEEP laughing!


I have such respect for restaurant workers now that two of my kids have done that. I wish you all the best and big tips!

Teenage Bride

Well you did your part, and I sincerely hope that things work out.

keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!



sending lots of love your way, in lieu of a proper comment


I'm on the fence about Facebook anymore. It seems to do more harm than good sometimes. :(

Hope you have a good day at work!


Fingers crossed Krysten!! At least you wont have to live with the regret anymore - even if she does not reply you gave it a shot and that is all one can really do!

And I think the picture of you two is cute :)


One of my best friends and I had a falling out where we didn't talk for at least six months. It was terrible and after a while I did the same thing you did, I emailed her saying that I was sorry for everything that had happened between us and that I missed our friendship. We're closer than ever now. I hope that the two of you can find a good place with everything that's happened. <3


I hope she's ready to reconnect too!


Good for you for sending it! I'm sure she'll at least appreciate your words, even if she doesn't actually respond.

Amber Blue Bird

i hope things work out with your friendship with Amber, true friendship is hard to come by and we should do everything we can to keep it. You are doing your best to make things right and I hope she sees that

Dancing Branflake

I love the positive notes in here. You are making things in your life better and I find that so inspiring. Love that photo!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Glad your first shift back went well!
I hope she responds. I bet she does.

la petite coquine

I'm so glad you sent the note-whether or not she responds, you were true to yourself, and nothing's more important than that.

Horray for your first shift! I'll be your rockin' and rollin' long before shift no. 4!


Yay for being back at work! I hope everything works out for the best with your girlfriend. Sometime technology really screws with relationships. Break up emails? Facebook hurting feelings? I've heard too many stories these days.

The Blonde Duck

I've lost friends through so many weird ways...sometimes people just drift apart. And maybe there's something she's not telling you.


so glad you sent it! I really hope that she responds.
Good luck with work!
oh and thanks for the puppy advice!!


It is always hard when friendships hit bumps...but I am sure she misses you too. Good luck sending the card!

(Florida) Girl

The loss of a friend can be very painful. I don't know any woman who can't relate to this post. Thank you for sharing it.


I went through the same thing with a childhood friend. I also have no idea why the friendship ended. She basically ditched a number of friends as soon as she had a ring on her finger. I think I've come to the realization that in essence: She was my friend. I was her wingman. She no longer had a need for me. It's sad, but I have realize a full life full of friends who treat me much better.

I'm sorry you're going through this too. It is hard. I hope she sees the card for the olive branch that it is and you two rekindle your friendship - seems like you had great times together.


It sounds like you might be able to work things out. I "broke up" with a best friend my last year of college, but it was necessary at the time. Your pic reminded me of a pic of my bff and I that looks similar. I've often thought about contacting her, but haven't because I know she'd eventually reply and I don't know if it would be because she wanted to or because she felt obligated to. :-/

Good luck!

Audrey Allure

I hope things work out, good luck!


I really hope things work out between the two of you. You guys are in totally different places than you were then, and hopefully she can see that and want to mend things!


Yey!! Well done you :)


At least, you would have known that you gave it your best shot. I think if it is meant to be, it will be. Love the picture too-so happy! XX

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

So glad you mailed the card!


Good luck at the job! I'm love the way you handled that whole situation!

S and O

I hope you two can somehow patch things up -- you gals look like your having too much fun in that picture ;)


I'm glad you're mailing out the card... and I hope that you two can be friends again! I've gotten in touch with some old friends with whom I had fallen apart and years definitely do make the pain lessen. In any case, at least you tried! :)


Lia Waroka Putri

I'm sorry to hear that..just read ur last post and I almost cried. I have experienced one and it really, hurts.
But then, time will answer it..nothing lasts forever and so a break-up. try to smile and face it! =)


Glad your first day back was a success! Heart you!

my name is lauren.

i'm so proud of you for taking that first step and reaching out to amber. i really and truly do hope that she responds :).


I hope things go well with the card... at the very least it is nice to get closure on something like that and maybe not still be friends, but at least be on good terms. I know how things like that can make you sick, I spend so much time worrying about little things with friends and if someone is mad at me or if I did something wrong, and it can really take its toll. But one way or another, if it doesn't work out, at least you will know you did your best to amend it!

mrs. chinncredible

i went through something REALLY similar with my roommate from college. it really REALLY hurt... and still does a bit. i'm over her, but i'm not over how things went down. it was really difficult because i had been a real bitch to her due to some personal things she just happened to get the brunt of because i was around her the most. i thought i'd apologized and turned my actions around, but out of the blue it became clear like two years later that she was NOT over things and still very much held it all against me. our relationship ended abruptly, if not brutally. i sent her a long, sincere, hopefully-very-kind email in the hopes that i'd hear something good from her, but that didn't happen.

i'm sorry, friend. i really sympathize with you. :[