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Monday, February 28, 2011

In Need of a Weekend Off


People.  I think I need to take a weekend off of work.  Because it's kicking my butt!  I actually don't even remember how work was on Friday because Saturday and Sunday totally wiped my mind.  But I think I was busy enough on Friday and made good tips.  Saturday made me mad.  We were decently slow but right about the time I should have been cut (around 8) we found out we had to portion an entire box of breakfast potatoes.  Awesome.  So it's 2 others servers and me and the head server basically wanted to wait till all 3 of us had time to do it.  Stupid.  We ended up not getting done till after 9 (which is when I was scheduled to).  I had all my side work done but then got stuck rolling a ridiculous amount of silverware.  I didn't end up getting to leave till 10.

On Sunday I was in at 9.  At first it seemed slow but suddenly the next thing I knew my entire section was full and every time one table paid someone else was seated there again.  It was insane.  I kept having to check the computer to see what people ordered because I honestly couldn't keep track.  And I can only read my handwriting long enough to type the orders in.  After that it's gibberish.  In fact, next time I work I'm going to scan one of my tickets so you all can see for yourselves.  Anyway, despite it being insane I made double what I made on Saturday night AND my boss, who is always really stingy with compliments, came up and told me I did a good job.  It was awesome.

Aside from work I pretty much did not a whole lot else.  I had some homework to get done last night.  Why do I always wait till the last minute to do it?  Honestly, when I started back at school I rarely waited till Sunday to get assignments in.  These days, though, I don't think I've had a single Sunday where I haven't had some school wok to do.  So sad.

This week I work Wednesday through Sunday and I open on Wednesday which has me totally freaked out.  No one has even showed me what to do so I guess I'm just going to wing it?  Hopefully I don't screw up too horribly or blow anything up.

Oh P.S. My Perkins has KEY LIME MUFFINS.  They are AMAZING.  Seriously I had one Saturday night and it was the highlight of my night.  Mm.  I may have to get another one on Wednesday when I work!

P.S.S. I said I wasn't going to watch the Oscars but sadly Dustin and I got sucked in.  However, I'm not one to go on about the fashion or who won and who didn't.  It was enjoyable and I adored Anne Hathaway and HATED James Franco.  What else can I say?

How was your weekend?

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Sandy a la Mode

wait what?! did you say key lime muffins?!?!?! i must make a trip to perkins, ASAP! sorry to hear about your weekend, sounds like you do need a few days off, hope you get it!!

Emily Jane

Key LIME? Oooh I wonder if we have them in Perkins here yet...

Hope you find some time just for you to relax this week!


I love the pictures on this post, it's so true! I've always paid attention to the guys I've dated and whether or not they were kind to waiters and waitresses and other sales people. It says a lot about a person!

Glad you survived your crazy weekend!


I love your quote at the top!! I truly do think that!

sarah - dodeline design

Agreed: James Franco looks constantly stoned. :-)


crazy work weekend!! I agree with the quote at the beginning!
I hope your week goes well!!

Cafe Fashionista

Key Lime Muffins? Hmmm...these sound like something I need to investigate pronto! :)


To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of either of them. I love Anne Hathaway but they seemed awkward together and he looked totally out of it!


Oh Krysten, i'm totally feeling the pain of your working weekends, i've been doing it for 8 years and the only time i get a weekend off is when we physically go away in the truck otherwise i'm always there..or worrying about them haha
Yesterday we had a freakily busy day for feb and some lovely customer left a comment card (yeh i know who's bright idea were they?) sayig they had to wait a long time to get served. Well HELLO! you can seee how long the bloody queue i so you knew the risk when you joined!!!!!

Tяainwяeck Tяagedy

Key lime muffins sounds completely delicious. The north sounds like it has some of the most amazing food I have ever heard of.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

Sounds like a busy weekend! I don't mind James Franco as an actor but as a host...WHO thought that was a good idea?!

Silver Strands

Well then! I say you take next weekend off :)


Awwww, I'm sorry to hear you've been working so crazy. I'm sure you'll do fine opening this week, let us know how it goes!

Also, key lime muffins are making me drool. Damn. That sounds so much better than my Chobani yogurt right about now.

I enjoyed what I caught of the Oscars (I just wish the young girl from True Grit won for Best Supporting Actress--I thought she was great!)


I hope this week goes better for you than your weekend! Key lime muffins sound awesome!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

This year's Oscars was one of the worst. And that Dave Barry quote is so apt.

The Blonde Duck

You poor thing. You need to relax.

Dancing Branflake

I agree with The Blonde Duck... it sounds like you need to relax before you burn yourself out. And I know you'll do great with opening. You are smart and catch on quick.

A keylime muffin is exactly what I need right now.


you work a lot! I hope you find time to relax. Key Lime muffins sound sooo good! I'm curious. I wish I could try one. I'm proud to say I did NOT get sucked into watching the Oscars :) Although I do enjoy the fashion and that's about it.


Aaaah, waitressing. :)

Over time I developed my own personal shorthand system.

mp = mashed potatoes

rb = rootbeer

ff = french fries

co = coke

You get the idea :)


Sometimes Dylan can be a little..umm..blunt? to waiters/waitresses and I get SO mad at him. I know working in customer service can sometimes be awful.
And school work? Pshhh I'm totally last minute too! Graduating in a few months and I still haven't learned!


mmm, key lime muffins! that does sound pretty amazing :)

Diana Mieczan
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Diana Mieczan

It always feels so nice when a boss compliments your work. Good for you, sweetie. Happy Monday

Audrey Allure

Key lime muffins sound amazing! Haha, yeah Anne basically took over as host of the night.


Key Lime muffins? Now I'm even more sad that the Perkins by my house closed!

Teenage Bride

sorry you were so busy... you need some "me time"

I sooo agree about the whole being nice to your waiter thing byh the way... even if my waiter/waitress is less than fabulous I alwasy leave a ncie tip becasue their job is hard... really hard


Whoa, it sounds like a totally hectic weekend!

I hope you get some time off soon to just relax a bit!

Amber Blue Bird

that quote at the top of your post is so true, people who are rude to waiters are not nice folks. I hope you can get some time off, sounds like you need. And hated James Franco?!?!?


I think you definitely need some time off! It stinks that work is kicking your butt so much. Hopefully it'll get better as you continue to get used to it!


I couldn't imagine working a weekend at Perkins! I know how CRAZY it is from just being in there and don't know how the servers do it. You are a saint!


Mmm, key lime muffins... amazing!!

I used to waitress and there were some days I wanted to tear my hair out! I wasn't very good at it then (it was my first real job), but after some life experience ;), I think I'd be much better now.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

That quote is so true and could be applied to other professions too.

Mmm key lime cupcakes...


Great quote - so true! And waiter can be substituted with animals, parents, etc.


I am still stuck on the key lime muffins! Ahh! They sound amazeballs!

Hope you had an opportunity to relax today!

Kristin Hjellegjerde

I am sorry work was so bad this weekend. Must this week treat you a lot better!

Erika Grover

I don't know how you do it being a server b/c I'd for sure be fired my first day from back handing a mouthy person.

I'm glad you enjoyed your key lime muffin tho!! :)

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

i'm tired just reading your post!

ps - i totally agree with that quote! i waited tables for a few weeks, and i have soo much respect for these hardworkers!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Thank goodness! Someone else besides me hated James Franco. I thought he was horrible!


I hope you get a break girl! And what a fantastic (and so true!!) quote!

Oh, My Darling

Ooh, key lime baked goods are delish! Ming Makes Cupcakes has a great key lime cupcake recipe: