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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lets Talk About SEX: Part Two

Are you all ready for the next part of my sex q&a?  I certainly hope so, lets get going!

Lets Talk About
Part Two

Do you guys enjoy oral sex? Yep! We both enjoy giving and receiving. Makes for happy times all around.

Did you have sex before you were married? Yes, like I mentioned, I was 19 and have had 3 partners (including Dustin). Oddly, in high school I thought that I wanted to wait till I was married. However, that didn't happen. No regrets though.

Was there ever a period of time that you didn't have sex as often (like a stressful time for example)? All of 2010 was stressful for us and I'd say no, we didn't have sex as often because of that. We also were unable to for about 3 months after our wedding because of a car accident that I was in right before our wedding - I was in too much pain to even move around in my sleep, let alone do the deed.

Does your sex life really die down when you get married? Like I said before, I think it's more living together than getting married. Sometimes you have to work at it more. There's not so much the excitement of "When will we see each other next?" so sometimes you need to find new ways to spice it up.

Are you quiet or loud? I'm loud. To the point where I've been shushed more than once during the deed.

Favorite position? I'm boring, I like missionary. It feels best and I like looking into my partner's eyes.

Does size matter? YES. But not in the way you would think. Because, at least in my opinion, there is such a thing as being too big. As Snooki so eloquently put it on Jersey Shore, "it's like fitting a watermelon into a pinhole." How's that for a visual?

If your husband is in the mood for sex and you aren't, how do you handle the situation? To tell you the honest truth, I don't think that has ever happened.  I have a higher sex drive than the hubs does so I'm pretty much always in the mood.  However, if that situation did arise I'm pretty sure D would be okay if I said,  "Sorry babe, not tonight."

How did moving in together change your sex life? Before we lived together, Dustin and I saw each other a few times a week.  It was one of those "Eek, I get to see my boyfriend, lets get it on!"  Once we moved in together, it was one of those, "Eh, I see you every day, not quite as exciting." It gets to the point where you just get used to each other and then sometimes you need to work a bit more to keep things interesting.

What's the longest you and Dustin have gone without? I'd say 3 months.  Like I said before, I was in a car accident right before our wedding.  We later found out that my sternum had been cracked by the seatbelt and I was in a lot of pain.  The job I had probably didn't help.  Nonetheless, I had enough trouble trying to find ways to sleep comfortably at night.  Sex was out of the question.

I want to thank everyone for submitting questions, this was kind of fun!  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a spectacular weekend!

P.S. The winner of the C.D. Childs Giveaway is Melanie's Randomness!  Melanie, email me with your shipping info please!  Thanks to all who entered!

26 wonderful thoughts:

Scientific Housewife

Great answers! This was a good idea Krysten!

The Favour Shoppe

HaHa , that was funny about Snooki!!

Cafe Fashionista

Leave it to Snooki to say something so crazy! :P


Ha! This is really fun. :)


oh snooki haha. Love how honest you gave answers about something most people seem way too personal to talk about!

Jessie Szmanda

This is so interesting to me! How different couples are from each other! Can't believe you were in a car accident right before your wedding! So glad you are ok!

Diana Smith

Very cool! I really enjoyed reading your answers!! Its so much fun being married and it seems like you two know how to carry on your sex life after marriage!


Yowtch. A broken sternum is reason enough not to do IT! :/

You are so right, it really does become monotonous after you live with someone, I gotta spice things up a bit.


Thanks for answering all those questions! It's really eye-opening to hear about other people's sex lives :)

Missionary is my favorite too. I've decided that it's considered "boring" only because it's the most common position... it's the most common because it's the best!

Erika Grover

I seriously love that you did this post & admire your honesty. I'm sure we'd go out for coffee & cheesecake one night if I lived closer...Cali is kinda far hah? lol

Krystle [snarkykisses]

I loved both of your posts!!! Such a great idea, and I often wonder so many of the same questions that were asked. I'd love to do one of these on my blog buuuut my family reads it... gar! Maybe I should do a guest post on your blog, ha! :)

Thank you for sharing!!!!


How fun! I love sex and talking about it, just never brave enough to post like this on my very public blog.....


Wait until you have a kiddo...you might beat that 3 months. HAHA


haha love the sex education of you!

la petite coquine

I had no idea you were in such a bad accident-glad you're up and running again!

And the Snooki reference-absolutely genius!

Amber Blue Bird

kudos on your very honest answers. this was a great series. Have a fantastic weekend


that's so awful about the accident right before your wedding! what horrible, sucky timing to experience something so horrible and sucky! glad it only lasted 3 months though, not 6!


Oh Snooki. If size mattered, no one would like her.

I swear that sex drive is one of those things you should think about before you get married. If he likes it in the morning, and you like at night...welcome to one of your married issues.


haha, my question is on there! :D


The Snooki quote cracked me up!!


Great answers!
And I definitely agree about the moving in together thing.

Lia Waroka Putri

Lol at Snooki xD you answer those Qs just well, I love how you say "it's about living together, not getting married" =)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Haha! I literally laughed out loud with that watermelon quote. True though!


this is fantastic! thanks for your openness and honesty, i've been concerned about our sex life (BK and i) dying down once we live together later this year but after reading your comments it seems more normal to me. ;)

Melanie's Randomness

It's great to know that the sex didn't die when you got married! Stress definitely affects my bf & I's sex life & we are sorta living with each other so all of this is coming into play. Thanks for the info!!

Ohhh COOOOL about the giveaway!! I'll email you shortly!! =)

steph anne

Haha, this is awesome! It's not often that we see sex q&a posts. I'd love to do one but both of our families read my blog so nevermind.

I agree with you about missionary! It's my favorite position. The hubs and I talked the other day about sex and we both agreed that it was more fun back in high school (we've been together since 16) because we weren't supposed to be doing it so doing it in weird places was exciting! :)