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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sadly, the hubs couldn't get the day off work.  Bummer since today and tomorrow are my weekend.  However, he'll be working through lunch so that we can go out to dinner here:

The ever fantastic Flame Rotisserie Grill & Bar

Dustin did manage to take tomorrow off so I'm hoping we can have a nice romantic night out and then sleep in together tomorrow.  It'll be nice and after working all weekend I am REALLY looking forward to it!

But to me Valentine's Day isn't just a day to be celebrated with a significant other; it is also a day to tell everyone you love that you love them.

And so, from the bottom of my heart, a happy Valentine's Day to all of you.  Thank you for being such fabulous readers and friends.  Each of you means so much to me!

Have a wonderful V-Day all!

Engagement Picture circa 2008

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sarah - dodeline design

You are so right, it's for love to be shared all around! I hope you have an amazing dinner, the restaurant looks awesome. We went out last night to our fancy dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. We'll have a relaxing V-Day night staying in - doesn't get much better than that!

Sandy a la Mode

happy valentine's day sweetie!!! i LOVE that pic of you two, so happy and fun!!! :) xo

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

have a lovely dinner Krysten! Sounds like a great plan xoxo

Kristin Hjellegjerde

Happy Valentines day! Have a lovely evening!

Scientific Housewife

I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥

Teenage Bride

That restaurant looks fantastic!!

I hope you have a lovely dinner

Wishing you a very happy Valentines day!

Much Love


Diana Mieczan

Awww..that is such a sweet photo! Have a fantastic evening and Happy Valentine's Day to you too, darling

Cafe Fashionista and Dustin are the cutest in this picture, Krysten! Happy, Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

Melanie's Randomness

What a sweet engagement photo!! I hope you two have a wonderful dinner together & you have a great day!! =) Happy Valentine's Day!!

Melanie's Randomness

The Favour Shoppe

Happy Valentine's Day!! Have an amazin night out tonight!!


Happy Valentines Day to you too! Have a great evening:)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Happy Valentine's Day! That restaurant sounds like it's going to be great!

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

happy valentines! hope you have a wonderful time! :D

jeanette from everton terrace

Dinner sound delicious. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well.

Erika Grover

Happy hearts day too!

Love your engagement photo, so cute!!!

Enjoy your dinner tonight!

Yes the IRS are swoopers, hate them too! lol

Jessie Szmanda

LOVE that picture of you 2! and that restaurant looks FAB! Hope you have a love filled day :)


Happy Vday to you too!!! <3


I hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine's day! :D

Jamie Leigh

What a cute picture of you and your sweetheart! Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy dinner!


And a happy Valentine's Day to you too Krysten :)

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys

Aww great! Hope your dinner is amazing no matter what day it is! Happy Valentine's Day! :)


Thank you for a wonderfully sweet post :) Wishing you and Dustin a very happy Valentine's Day, too! That restaurant looks phenomenal and I love the idea of sleeping in. Awwww!!

Also, HOW STINKIN' CUTE is that photo of you guys? Love :)


Happy Valentine's Day darling! Hope it is wonderful.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Mom Taxi Julie

Happy Valentine's Day! That's sucha cute picture <3

la petite coquine

Have a wonderful Valentine's day, and enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!

xo, Lena

Chelsey - The Paper Mama

Have a fabulous dinner! Happy Valentine's Day to you too.


Happy Valentine's Day!
I definitely relate to having different weekends, it's so tough. Hopefully you two get to enjoy each other tonight & tomorrow morning!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts

Happy Vday- Great photo! Have a lovely dinner!

catwalk criminal

Cute picture ♥

Cheryl E.

Glad I ran across your blog, its beautiful! You have a new follower :)

Happy V Day!

Erin {pughs' news}

Happy Heart Day! xo

Caroline Henley

happy valentine's day Krysten!!!


Valentine's day is definitely about celebrating with everyone you love!

And I definitely adore your blog :)

Amber Blue Bird

it is nice to have a day to remind us that we should tell the people that we care for how much we love them, thats a better way to look at it rather than my negative nancy outlook :)

erin louise

that's such a cute picture! happy valentine's day!


Adorable engagement photo! And that dinner place looks great! Hope you enjoy your night out...happy love day to you!


Have a happy valentine's day to you too! I hope you get your romantic night :) I had one on Saturday, so I can't complain!


omg, how fun! a day off with your man!

hope it's romantic and fun!



Such a cute photo! Happy Valentine's Day!


That is such an adorable photo of you two! I hope you're having such an awesome Valentine's Day! :)


Aww! I hope you and Dustin have a wonderful evening together! Happy Valentines Day!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip

I hope you have a blast!!

Happy V Day :)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

cute pic!! happy vday to you and the hubby!


Hope you have a wonderful night and morning.

Oh, My Darling

Happy V-day, Krysten!!! Also, what a fun picture of you two, your hair is so different now!


Happy valentine's day to you too! Yesterday (valentine's day here in australia) i went to a yoga class where the teacher explained that as a child she kind of misunderstood the meaning of valentine's day and would give her mum a flower every year, but she said that while our society tells us it's a day for lovers, yoga tells us that we should love everyone so what she was doing was great. Anyway, just a long way of saying that i totally agree with you :)

Lia Waroka Putri

Happy Valentine's day dear! You two always look so lovely <3


"it is also a day to tell everyone you love that you love them"

I couldn't agree more!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)


So sweet. I hope you had an excellent dinner last night and did indeed get to sleep in this morning! Enjoy your day off!

(Florida) Girl

I hope you had a wonderful V-day! You two look so cute together.

Amy Rene

My husband had to work on Monday night too! But we're going to have fun tonight.

Hope you had a happy valentine's!


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steph anne

That's a really cute picture of you two! :) Happy belated Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day Krysten! I hope you and your man had a lovely evening together! ;) That restaurant looks fabulous!

Punctuation Mark

since you haven't celebrated it I wish you a fantastic V-Day!!!


I hope you got your romantic night! I'm looking forward to one this weekend!


We had a great Valentine's Day this year too ;)

PS I thought that photo of Flame looked familiar! lol