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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Want To Believe


This weekend can really be broken into bad points and good points.

The bad points
  • The expo we had at work on Friday night is the same server that came in a few weeks ago to eat, was seated in my section and then didn't have money for a tip. We're supposed to tip our expos at the end of the night. Well, she's lucky I gave her $1 considering she didn't tip me when she came in to eat.  And she complained about it.  Of course, I'm too nice to call her out on it.  Why are people so rude?
  • Once again on Saturday I came into work expecting to be expo and ended up serving.  This time it was because one of the servers came in "sick" (AKA hungover) and got sent home.  So rather than my nice little 9 to 1 shift not having to deal with customers I worked a 9 to 3 shift.  Bleh.
  • I slacked on writing the rough draft for my argumentative paper this week and didn't do it till last night which of stressed me out.  And I don't even do rough drafts, I just write the paper, read it over and get an A.  Uncool.
  • I told my dad I made $73 on Sunday in tips but was annoyed that I only got a $7 tip off a $70 and he replied that I should be bothered because I ended up making $12 an hour in tips.  I don't care how much I made an hour in tips, the table that only tipped me 10% doesn't know how much I'm making.  I gave them good service so that's just rude.  And it bums me out that my dad thinks any differently about that.
The good points
  • I went out to lunch with Ang on Friday and we had a good time eating at a new place and being a little snarky.
  • I actually got to leave work early on Friday which was a nice change of pace.
  • I made $116 in tips in 6 hours on Saturday.
  • Dustin bought me Milk Duds AND Junior Mints
  • I won a giveaway! (thanks Vicki!)
  • Watching season 1 of the X-Files.
  • Eating blackberry and strawberry shortcake.
  • Watching Law Abiding Citizen with the hubby on Sunday night.  It was a good but violent and sad movie.
  • Switching shifts with Clara so now I get this coming Sunday off.  That's my first weekend day off in over a month!
  • Ice cream for dinner.
So although there were some bad points I'd say all in all it was a pretty good weekend!

How was yours?

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116$ in tips? Oh my! I don't think I would make a very good waitress (bad memory, can't balance a tray if I tried lol), but whenever I hear people saying how much tips they can make, it's very tempting!


US... SNARKY??!! never.

Enjoyed our lunch - thanks for paying me back and for being so easy to talk to!

Emily Jane

I'm glad there was some balance to your weekend (and that shortcake sounds divine!!)

Scientific Housewife

Sorry about the bad points but overall, it sounds like you're weekend was pretty good :)

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

it is always nice when the good outweighs the bad. :)
i think until someone's waited tables, they don't know what it really means to get a lousy tip.
i was the world's awfullyiest waitress for a short while, and it's made me so appreciative of how hard the work is. :)

Silver Strands

Wow - what a great tip night! For me, that alone would make up for everything that went wrong :)


it sounds pretty balanced to me, haha! mine was exhausting...need some down time. :)

Jessie Szmanda

Ohhh ice cream for dinner - YUM!

Cafe Fashionista

Despite the stingy tippers; you still made out like a bandit in terms of tips this weekend. That's fantastic; I'm sure you're a great server!! :)

Erika Grover

I am a repeat offender of ice cream for dinner. I like to think if I skip dinner I get double the ice cream :)

Teenage Bride

Well at least there were some postives to outweigh the negatives!!!

Happy Monday

Sandy a la Mode

yayyy for winning a giveaway and ice cream for dinner!! :)

Dancing Branflake

Ice cream for dinner? Now that was a great weekend! And another giveaway win. Number ten thousand and four?


Ice cream for dinner! Sounds like a good day to me ;)

Men think differently than women. My Husband and Dad always try to make me look at things differently...less emotional sometimes. I tell them don't even bother trying.


I like how you started with the bad points, but finished off with the good.

Hope you have relaxing plans for this coming Sunday. I have yet to do ice cream for dinner!

Summer {athena in the middle}

i hate that people don't tip well these days. people tip their hairdressers to make them pretty, why not tip your server who waited on you and fed you delicious food? i am sorry. i always leave 20%.

glad you have sunday off and that you had a nice lunch.

Diana Smith

Winning giveaways and getting lots of money in tips!! YAY! Thats awesome!


I always hated working expo because the hot plates would make my hands hurt like hell by the end of the night! haha


woah, the x-files! how awesomely old school! :)


It seems like the good outweighed the bad! Yay for winning a giveaway! I haven't seen the X-files in a long time. My parents watched it when I was younger and I just remember it freaked me out!

la petite coquine

Sorry your weekend was a little uneven-glad to hear you'll finally have a day off this week! Horray!

I'm glad there was so much good for you to enjoy!

The Favour Shoppe

Sounds like it was a nice and even weekend :) PS I am always a good tipper :) hehe


YAY for having Sunday off! That's going to feel awesome. :)

Sounds like a pretty great weekend overall.


I used to never write rough drafts either - I absolutely HATED when teachers made me write one.


Sorry about your crappy customers. I only tip poorly if the waitress 1. is rude 2. doesn't come get our drink order within 20 minutes of sitting down or 3. spill a tray of drinks on me. If you didn't do any of those you'd be safe in my book. ;) haha!

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Jenna {Jenna Sais Quois}

Hey there, Krysten! Thanks so much for stopping by Jenna Sais Quois! I hope you come back soon.

I am excited to check out more of your blog as well!


Glad to hear the good outweighed the bad!


I love your attitude, girl! Good is always better than bad:)

The Many Colours of Happiness

Aww poor thing! I used to work hospitality and the people are so rude!!! But it is fun to catch up with the girls and complain about all those people, almost makes up for it :) And I'm glad you had a good weekend anyway, the positives sound wonderful!

Amber Blue Bird

i know the bad points sucked but look at all the good points that you mentioned for your weekend...try to focus more on those (Although I would be peeved too if I got a lousy tip for good service)


I feel you pain--I was a server for a while and it just kills me when people don't know how to tip! Don't they realize how hard you work!?! But ice cream for dinner comes close to making up for it--nothing beats that!

Punctuation Mark

so sorry about the lows of the weekend... at least you had some good ones to balance them... have a great week!!!


Milk Duds! YUM. That's definitely something to be happy about. :)


Glad you had a good tip night! :)


Glad you had a good tip night! :)


Ice cream for dinner is the best!


I'm glad the good outweighed the bad, but I hope that things get better for you soon. Not tipping adequately on a bill is a HUGE no-no for me.

Though blackberry and strawberry shortcake DOES sound pretty delicious. Hopefully that made up for it a little bit :)


glad you had a nice weekend over all and oh brother about the tip! you are fab!