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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Saturday V5.2

10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Making summer plans
2. Anticipating my poppy garland from Much Love, Illy
3. Coffee
4. Nora from Brothers and Sisters
5. Blog friends
6. Monte's funny sleep habits
7. A book I can't put down
8. Getting my Summer Must Haves swap set up
9. Having our mantle look nearly perfect (for me anyway)
10. The library supporting my book addiction

20 wonderful thoughts:

Cafe Fashionista

Making summer plans is the best - I still have to get to work on making some of my own. Happy, Happy Saturday, Krysten! :)

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine

Making summer plans and coffee, and Nora's insight and actions...all three are the best!

Happy Saturday.

sarah - dodeline design

That made me laugh about the mantle, I'm the same way. What is it about the mantle? Mine is currently in a state of transition. I've been looking at it for like three months not sure what my next move is.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Hope you have a great Easter weekend! I always love finding a good book to read!


ah fun list :) I used to watch that show too (B & S"s)

Blog friends make me happy lately too, it's great & crazy how much blogging has & can enrich our lives :)


Making summer plans sure make me happy too :)


mmm...coffee + blog friends + book addictions. An apt list! :)


Have a beautiful weekend! x


Coffee and etsy and friends and plans...Life is good, no? :D
Happy weekend!


Happy Easter :)x


I particularly love THIS list! Brothers and Sisters. Books. Shopping. Life couldn't be better!


oh that's my favorite thing to do: making my summer plans! Love it!


I'm already thinking about my summer must haves too. I feel like it's going to be here before we know it!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

books, yes!! Happy Easter darling xo


LOVE books that I can't put down!! Makes me happy too!


nothing ( i repeat, NOTHING) better than a book you can't put down! have a lovely weekend!


Awwww, I love this list!! I love a good book, especially if it's free from the library!!

Happy Easter!!


I have to agree with you on coffee...even if I'm drinking decaf at this point.

Have a Happy Easter!

Mrs Vintage

Hi yr blog is great! I love it. I would like like to follow yr blog, just wondering do you mind follow mine as well?



Great list! I could never do without coffee or a good read either.

Hope you're having an awesome week, girly!