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Friday, April 22, 2011

NuMe Meet and Great Giveaway

Everyone, I am super excited about this giveaway and I know you're all going to be excited too!  Please let me introduce this wonderful company, NuMe, and their fabulous line of styling products!

NuMe is a successful company in Europe that most recently has made their amazing products available in the United States. Not only do they offer stylish Flat Irons, but in addition they offer Curling Wands, Ionic Blow Dryer, Hair Extensions, and Hair Care on their site.  I can't get over all the great products that they sell and I've got my eye on their Fashionista Flat Iron.  I mean come on, it's PINK.  My favorite color

This company has worked with styling professionals for over 10 years so you know that they're dedicated to making high quality products.  NuMe takes pride is offering products that really help transform hair, giving a fabulous end product.  I know for me personally it's hard to find a straightening iron that will make my hair look flawless without spending a ton of time so when I find a product that will help cut down my morning routine a little I jump on it.  Who wants to spend all day working on their hair?

Here's the giveaway package that you'll be entering to win:

The Rules 
(Please leave a separate comment for each entry)
    Mandatory Entry: 
    *You must be a follower of After 'I Do'. 
    (comment telling me your morning beauty routine)

    Extra Entries:
    *'Like' NuMe's Facebook Page and IN ADDITION Post A Greeting (let them know I sent ya)
    *Follow NuMe on Twitter and Tweet About The Giveaway Using The Following Tweet: “I just entered a #Giveaway to win @NuMeProducts hair styling products on @AfterIDoBlog” 
    *Make a Status Update on Facebook - Make Sure to Include @NuMe
      You can tweet, retweet and make as many status updates as you'd like to gain more entries!

      The giveaway winner will be announced
      Friday May 6th

      Can't wait?
      Get yourself the pro package, which includes:
      Pro Zebra
      Zebra Pouch
      Pro Holder
      Shampoo Conditioner
      Thermal Defense

      A $593.93 value for $99.99
      Just enter code AfterIDo01 at checkout

      Effective until May 6th, 2011

      98 wonderful thoughts:


      I liked their fb page as Ria Kod and said that you sent me.


      I follow your blog and my morning routine is a cold shower, some tinted moisturiser and then half an hour trying to tame my hair, failing, making them into a bun and out of the door.


      I follow them on twitter and I tweeted here:!/msriaaa/status/61408546977353728


      I made a status update on fb, tagging your page and NuMe.


      Pretty awesome to me!
      If I have somewhere to be: shower, let hair air dry, 5 minute makeup with blush, mascara, eyeliner, try and do something to my hair, brush my teeth. Oh, and eat!


      I'm a follower!

      My morning routine is shower, make up, dry hair and either flat iron it or curl it!

      Cafe Fashionista

      Ohmigosh I SO want to win this! I follow on Google Friend Connect! :)

      sarah - dodeline design

      I follow your blog!

      Helena - A Diary of Lovely

      great giveaway, who doesn't like a great straightener! I follow you of course xo

      The Favour Shoppe

      What an amazing giveaway!!

      Have a great Easter Weekend!!

      Jessie Szmanda

      I am your follower :) My morning routine consists of me TRYING to get out of bed first - then I sit at my dressing table and TRY to put my makeup on well enough to look ok in public - lol! Love this!


      I am a follower :)

      My morning routine is a hot shower, make-up, blow drying and then usually flat ironing!


      What a great giveaway! I'd love to win that fabulous flat iron! I have curly hair I like to wear straight. I wash it at night and blow it out then but have to go over it with a straightening iron in the morning. So my hair sees a lot of heat! Then it's just a little makeup and I'm ready to go.


      and I tweeted!!/alexandra0307/status/61445693956571136


      You know I'm a follower!


      Awesome giveaway! I liked them on FB and left a note! :)


      Awesome giveaway, girl!

      My AM routine? Shower. Make-up. Hair. I am not very glamorous:(


      I just tweeted!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

      Fun! My morning routine always includes sunscreen!

      Chic 'n Cheap Living

      Married In Chicago

      Great giveaway! I'm just a wash and go girl. But, I like to do my hair for special occasions!


      Great giveaway! Im following on GFC -Cindy

      My routine is washing only a couple of times a week, and I use a hair mask once a week. I try to let air dry often but if I don't, i put in a serum, blowdry, then use a thermal spray before straightening.



      I tweeted the giveaway @ladyboarder9669

      Audrey Allure

      Great giveaway! They sent me one of their curling irons, and I love it!


      I'm a follower!! My morning routine consists of coffee, shower, hair, make-up and letting the dog out. All in a matter of about a half an hour!

      Elise Halladay

      Holy Moly!!! This looks fabulous! I have been a follower for some time now and I love reading your blog every day :) I really look forward to what you have to say. My mornings are insane- I have naturally curly/frizzy/kinky hair and it is quite the chore to try and tame it every morning! I use tons of products, round brushes, blow drier and sometimes two different flat irons to calm it down. Help!


      I follow :)
      My morning routine is way simple... I wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed and leave. My job is an office job and we don't get many visitors... so I don't need to look good. ;)

      This comment has been removed by the author.

      oppss forgot my morning rountine ;)

      shower, cup of coffee and off to work :)
      i follow via GFC - C.D.M :)


      fan and comment


      status update on FB!/cdmtx65/posts/206567002697251



      rt again but with @NuMeProducts - you forgot the "s" in the tweet ;)


      Good morning Krysten! What a fabulous giveaway!

      I'm a follower...

      Morning beauty ritual - shower, face scrub, I used Pure Fiji 100% natural products on my body and Chanel Hydramax + Active gel cream on my face. And I carry Chanel Beaute Initiale Spray Serum to use during the day :) What's your morning beauty ritual like?? :)


      I like NuMe on facebook and left them a message :)


      I've put a status update about NuMe and After I Do on FB :)

      Amber Blue Bird

      I follow, of course :) Lets see morning beauty routine consists of a splash of water and some Olay moisturizer

      Emily Jane

      I follow!! This would be an AMAZING prize... my hair needs a really good flat iron; the regular ones just don't do the trick :( My morning beauty routine includes reading blogs while straightening my hair, washing my face and moisturising with Clinique stuff and Olay moisturiser, then makeup - usually just eyeshadow,eyeliner, mascara and powder - I don't do lippy until after my coffee, lol :)

      Emily Jane

      I also Liked them on FB and left a comment


      What a fun giveaway! Of course, I'm a follower but as for my morning beauty routine? Ehh...

      Not much. =/ Just waking up, pulling my hair back, brushing my teeth, and washing my face. BUT! I did just get my hair done so now I have a reason to actually have a morning routine!


      Just liked them on Facebook and left a comment!


      I'm now following them on Twitter and tweeted:!/stephanywrites/status/61614290158882816


      I am a follower on GFC as hhhnp12


      Like' NuMe's Facebook Page and IN ADDITION Post A Greeting:


      Follow NuMe on Twitter and Tweet!/hhhnp12/status/61641437128826880


      My morning routine is to blow dry my hair, then straightening my hair.



      what an awesome giveaway! i'm a follower, of course! i wash my hair at night, so my morning routine includes makeup and straightening my hair!


      i follow them on twitter and just tweeted!


      my morning routine depends on if i'm wearing my hair curly or not. haha. if so i get up, shower, put mousse in my hair and scrunch and then do makeup. if i'm doing it straight i'll shower the night before (it takes 20+ minutes to i air dry) then i get up, crank on the straightener and spend the next 30+ or so minutes straightening. i'd love a new one. :)


      i tweeted!


      i also liked them on facebook and told em you sent me!





      Dana Leigh

      I follow you.

      I so badly need a flat iron! My routine for hair is quick! Wash and put some shine stuff in it and let it air dry so which makes it curly but I love straightening it too when I have the time. Face is wash, eye cream and lotion and then just eye makeup. That's as pretty as I get for work day. :)


      What a great giveaway!

      I am a follower of After I do! My morning routine? Uhm, jump out of bed because already I'm 20 minutes behind schedule, brush teeth whilst brewing coffee, and dab some mousse into my unruly curls :)

      Natalie @ NS Pottery

      Amazing giveaway!! (You always have the best ones!)

      My morning routine consists of shower, blow-dry curls with a diffuser, foundation/concealer, curl eyelashes, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip balm- that's on the "going somewhere" days. When I'm just working at home all day, I'll scratch the hair dryer and some of the makeup.



      I made a new status update here:


      And I retweeted this tweet of yours:!/AfterIDoBlog/status/62931319751065600




      Leeann @ Join the Gossip

      I love that we're both doing NuMe giveaways!! Hopefully we can win each others' ;)

      I am a follower!

      Leeann @ Join the Gossip

      I like NuMe on FB and told them you sent me!








      I wash my face with cold water and then moisturize with murumuru butter, a tropical butter


      liked them on fb and posted a greeting





      tweeted about the giveaway and I follow nume as Demebear








      I am a follower! My morning routine must start with a nice hot shower! Its the only way for me to wake up! I make sure to leave myself enough time so I'm not rushing to do my hair or little make-up I do wear! :)


      I found them on facebook and am now a follower!


      Did the twitter update as well!