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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Storytelling in 30 Photos ~ Photo Two

2. A picture of myself

I decided to pick one of my favorite pictures of me instead of one of my most recent pictures.  This is from Dustin's 24th birthday back in 2007.  We had a party at our apartment and were playing bocce ball in the field next to our apartment building.  I was goofing around and blowing fluffs all over the place and Dustin snapped this picture.  I just love it!

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29 wonderful thoughts:

Cafe Fashionista

Oh, I so love this picture of you, Krysten - I can never pass up the opportunity to make a wish on a dandelion! :)


love it! Your hair is so light too!!

Tяainwяeck Tяagedy

I love the light color of your hair. That would be so pretty during the summer. :)


Such a great picture! I love it!!


you are gorgeous x


too cute! I love that he caught this picture!

Happy Easter!



I love that he took that picture. Beautiful!


Everything about this picture is gorgeous! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

jenna ♥ a little blue

great photo! :) i have always wanted to take a picture blowing a dandelion... but im allergic! haha

happy easter

Emily Jane

Really great photo! I have one of me at about 4 years old blowing a dandelion :)

kelly ann

I LOVE your hair colour! :)


That is such a beautiful pic of you, girl!


Dearest sweet krysten, you are so beautiful and i adore this gorgeous photo of you so much! Love love those gorgeous pearls. I hope you had a wonderful easter weekend! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Sweet! So, how many little fluffs were left remaining on the stem after you blew the rest away? :)

arielle @ a beautiful journey.

o lovely picture! :)

ilene @ muchloveilly

such a pretty picture!!!!


This is an amazing picture of you!And it looks like you were having a great time!


Adorable, very summery!


That is a great photo! It is so nice to have a few good ones of us for a change!


What a gorgeous photo lady! It sings of warm weather fun!

Sandy a la Mode

heeh LOVE bocce ball, so fun!


So cute

Dana Leigh

Very cute!

Dana Leigh

Very cute!


Awww, I love this photo :) Very cute (and who doesn't love to make a wish on a dandelion?!)

Also, bocce ball is one of my favorite summer-time activities. Hope you had a happy Easter!


vary cute photo Krysten! Makes me think of spring and summer!


It's no wonder that's your favorite photo—it's beautiful!


this is a wonderful photo! so super cute! :)

yours truly dear

you are so gorgeous! also, i need to play bocce again... its been too long!