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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th

Wow Blogger... just wow. Anytime anyone asks my opinion on Blogger vs. Wordpress I always express how much I love Blogger. But after yesterday and today I'm pretty bummed!

How's Friday the 13th treating everyone? Mine... not so great. I hate to complain but I guess it has to do with how cranky I've been all week. I don't even know WHY, I just feel cranky. And this morning it didn't help that Monte wanted to wake up because my parents' dog is staying here and he wanted to play. Plus they're doing some kind of construction at the university across the street and of course that needs to be done as early as possible. So I got to wake up early too. Uncool.

Then Dustin and I managed to get into a fight. I tend to not talk about any fights that D and I have but lets face it - married couples do fight. And I don't know if it's because I've been so cranky lately or what but we've been fighting a lot this week. So this morning I hadn't even been up an hour yet and already my day felt totally shot.

So I'll try to turn this post around and wish my friend Tim a very happy birthday!

 Hopefully Friday the 13th is treating him a little better than it's treating me!  Tim is the first blogging friend I ever made and this is a pic of the first time we met back in 2007.  I adore him and he is such a great friend.  Hope you're having a wonderful day Tim!

Okay, off to cheer myself up before work.  Happy weekend all!

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The Favour Shoppe

Ya, blogger totally bummed me out too :(
Had to re-do my "scheduled" post...ugh.

Sorry your day is not so's to a great night at work!! <3


Hang in there. Blogger bummed me out too, but I feel like it doesn't happen that often so I'll take it as a little break.

have a good weekend!


i think Blogger was bad for everyone! and now theres a whole load of posts on my reader that don't exist!? ive never known that to happen before..!


I hope the rest of the weekend is better for you!

Dancing Branflake

Happy Birthday, Tim! That's so awesome you guys met while blogging. Have a better day!

Jessie Szmanda

Feel better shoog!! Sorry you are having a crummy week :(


I hope the rest of you weekend will turn out better.


Blogger was not cool during this. Hopefully you'll have a better weekend! Yep, married people fight. And I hate it, but it happens!


I'm crankfest 2000 this week, too. I don't know what my problem is (blogger issues, surgery, husband always being cranky, money, job, friends, family? All of the above? I don't know) but I can't even stand myself this week. :(


Sending happy vibes your way. Hopefully the rest of your weekend will be better!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine

Hugs sent to you!!! Glad blogger is back up...happens. ;)

Hope the rest of your day is better!!



That's such a cute picture! Happy Birthday to Tim!
Hope your day gets much better...and hopefully a great weekend is ahead for you!

The Blonde Duck



Glad Blogger is back! I'm a Wordpress fan, myself.

Happy birthday to Tim, and don't worry about fighting. Jorge and I fight, too!


I am so fed up with blogger right now, argh. I'm going to look in to self hosting I think!

la petite coquine

GUH-Blogger is driving me up the wall! Literally two weeks of previously written and scheduled posts-vanished! Damn the internets.


it sucks when you can't blog because your platform is all screwy.

hope you have a good weekend. and yes, married couples do fight but it just makes making up more fun :)

ilene @ muchloveilly

aw so sorry about your bummy day. hope you have a better night and a fab weekend, friend!! lots of love from over here! :)

Belly B

Me tooo!!! I always supported Blogger but they're not being cooperative. Apparently this happens quite a bit (I haven't experienced it much personally but people who have been blogging longer than me told me that). A few days ago the new post editor was also wonky for a whole day! :(

<3 Belly B


ugh! totally. today has been Rough! plus, the whole blogger frustration from yesterday. just an exhausting way to end the week. hopefully things will turn around for both of us this weekend!


Since this is the first time Blogger has been down for such a long period in all the time I've been using it, I'm giving them a break. It happens. :)

I hope you have a great night at work and start feeling better soon!

Amber Blue Bird

Seriously blogger, what the hell?? So your week has been so crappy, hope your weekend is much better!


yeah what was up with blogger?! I can't tell you how many times I checked it yesterday...

sorry you had a rough day - hope the weekend is better!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Ugh! I know! I was not excited about blogger screwing up. They totally deleted all the comments on my last post!

Mom Taxi Julie

PMS week? I know I get pissed at everyone when it's my week lol.

Girl about town....

Lovely picture! Yes, couples do fight, its soooo normal! We have all been there!

Hope your weekend was better and your friend had an awesome birthday!

Girl about Town XxX


What a sweet photo :) Hope he had a very happy birthday!

I heard about the Blogger snafu this weekend--that's just crazy! I guess I'm happy for Wordpress now (even though I've had a fair share of problems with WP over the years, too).

Hope this week is off to a better start for you! PS: ALL couples fight. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Anyway, I always think it's how you navigate through the rough patches that determines the kind of couple you are. XOXOX