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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Saturday V5.5

10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Skinny jeans
2. Season finale cliffhangers
3. Skirts
4. Popsicles on hot days
5. Sending out my swap package
6. My gorgeous orange Shabby Apple dress
7. Sleeping with the windows open
8. Texting blog friends
9. Shopping
10. The Lazy Song

22 wonderful thoughts:


The swap presents are really exciting, I sent mine out on Monday and I know Vanisha has sent hers on my way too... I'm super excited to recieve it:)

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine

Season Finaly cliffhangers are the best ever! Or the worst...have to wait sooooo long for what is going to be an amazing new season. ;)

And yay on shopping! :)

Have a good weekend girl.



I CANNOT wait for the 2 hour finale of Desperate Housewives tomorrow night!! Oh man. However, I'll probably hate having to wait so many months once it's done :P

Cafe Fashionista

Skinny jeans, popsicles, shopping...love, love, love! Happy, Happy Saturday, Krysten! :)


It's Sunday here but I'm wishing it were Saturday! I always love your lists Krysten!


Great list...i love sleeping with the windows open now that it's nice out! And i love my skinny jeans too!

Great sign, Life is as peachy as i make it :)


You always find the best pictures for your posts!

Claire Kiefer

As I told you on twitter, I love The Lazy Song, too. ;) And I love these happy blog posts of yours. And re: cliffhangers, I'm having very mixed feelings about the fact that the season finales of both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice are next week--I'm excited to see them but I hate when my fave shows are over for the season!

ilene @ muchloveilly

awesome list!!!!! and youhave an orange SA dress?! so do i! i wonder if it's the same one. and yes, totally love texting blog friends. which reminds me...why don't i have your number again? ;)


Love your list and you can text me anytime! i love that too, as long as we are in the same time zones:)


Shopping is the best! I can't diagree with anything on this list. :) And have we've seen the orange Shabby Apple dress?

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

I want to see your dress!


you week sounds wonderful... and oh oh oh warm! wish it was warm here too! :) getting there i guess. happy rest of the weekend to you!


Love your list and I want to see a photo of you in your Shabby Apple dress! LOL have you seen the video for the Lazy song...its really weird! :) I hope you're having a wonderful weekend <3


There's nothing better than an icy popsicle on a stinking hot day!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend


I wish we could sleep with windows open here. That sounds lovely!

Audrey Allure

It feels wonderful sleeping with the windows open!

Halfway A Housewife

The Lazy Song definately makes me happy too... I like to put it on while I am driving home from work

passport in my pocket

aw, I love this! Also sleeping with my windows open. Our apartment is on a floor high enough where that's safe ;)


haha, my brother is obsessed with the LAZY song too. I've basically deemed it his life anthem.

Love sleeping with the windows open too :)


The Lazy Song is amazing! I sing it even when it's not playing, haha.


Yay for skinny jeans!!! :)