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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rumors by Anna Godbersen

Although Elizabeth Holland is supposedly dead rumors continue to circle New York's elite about her untimely demise.  All eyes are on the friends and family: Elizabeth's younger sister Diana who is now the family's only hope to keep them among the elite.  Elizabeth's fiance Henry Schoonmaker, a man who seems to be broken by Elizabeth's death.  The beautiful Penelope Hayes, Elizabeth's best friend who is ready to claim everything that Elizabeth left behind.  Even Elizabeth's scheming maid, Lina Broud, who discovers that money doesn't make the woman.  As the rumors continue to circle their lives move on with even more gossip, lies and betrayal.

After I finished the first book in this series I could not wait to get my hands on the second one.  It's seriously like hearing the best gossip ever and it's so fun to imagine the gorgeous dresses and the scandalous New York society.  Like I said in my previous review, this book is like Gossip Girl only set in 1899.  The only downside is that I finally got I Am Number Four from the library so I have to read that before the next installation of this series.  It's driving me nuts because I so badly want to know what happens next!  If that isn't the sign of a good book I don't know what is!

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Cafe Fashionista

You will love the rest of this series, and I think that you will enjoy I Am Number Four, as well (I loved it). Wait until you reach the last book in The Luxe series...ohmigosh you will swoon - it is incredible (and so surprising!). :)

Kristin H

Can't live without great gripping books...:)


Sounds so good! I love books set in the early times. I guess my favorite of those was The Other Boelyn Girl. Have you read it?

ilene @ muchloveilly

you know this is already on my list. thanks for the great book recommendations!!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Sounds like a fun read - GG-esque drama is always fun!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

The Favour Shoppe

great review thanks!

Lee Oliveira

I love drama books. sounds a great story
Lee x

Diana Smith

I love anything like gossip girl! This looks like a good read for sure!!!

Darcy Fox

"Gossip Girl" set in 1899 sounds ridiculously amazing. Gonna check this one out!!

Summer Athena

i totally want to read this one now and i am not a reader! i can we be so close when i dislike reading?????? it's just that i am Ms. ADD.


You read books fast! Can you read the ones I want to read them do cliff notes for me? Maybe make an audio version I can listen to? Lol

This one sounds good!

Dancing Branflake

I would read this for the cover alone. So gorgeous! And I love 19th century plots. Even better when it's the ancestors, so to speak, of Gossip Girls.


this sounds great!

la petite coquine

Ok, I really must hurry and get myself into this series-it sounds right up my alley!

Belly B

Ahh I have been thinking about reading this book forever!! It's always on the best sellers list for YA! Thanks for the great review! :)

<3 Belly B


I know I've said this before but...How do you find the time for all this reading? I know you're busy! Teach me. Haha!

Amber Blue Bird

I wish I could read as fast as you! I am working up to it though.

Jessie Szmanda

Ok, I need to read these!

S and O

You know, I've always wanted to give these books a try but never really got around to it in the past...but reading this post makes me want to pick up a copy and read for myself :)


ive read the first two but don't think i ever got the third! eee need it!


After you posted about the previous book I found the set of three books being sold at the bookshop I frequent in Australia, can't wait to get them!