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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Must Haves Swap & Link Up

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers yesterday.
Things are much better today!

I want to first of all thank everyone who joined in the Summer Must Haves Swap!  It was so much fun matching everyone up and I hope you all had fun with it as well.

I was super excited when I found out that my swap partner was Summer of Athena in the Middle.  Summer is this super awesome girl that lives in New York and rocks an awesome pixie cut (something I've always wanted to have but have been too scared to try).  She and I have become fast friends and I had so much fun shopping for her.  And when her swap picks for me came in the mail it seriously felt like Christmas!  Without further ado, here are my swap goodies from Summer!

 This box was HEAVY! And Monte was very interested!

A note from Summer on a very cute card (still hanging on my fridge)

The inside of the box with lots of PINK goodies!

 Gorgeous necklace, floral headband and fabulous pink sunnies

 An oversize pink bag, perfect for going to the beach (or even just to the pool)

Some gifts came wrapped which made it even more fun

Cosmopolitans & Crosswords book, a cute pink photo album and butterfly bookmarks (which I'm already using hehe)

Super cute pink sandals (do you sense a theme here ;-)

I Love NY PJs (Summer has the same pair!), gold zebra flip flops and a delicious smelling bath and body set

Cute little owl thank you cards and a gorgeous wine stopper (Summer knows me too well hehe)

A magazine for lounging by the pool

 All my swap goodies!

Summer, thank you so much fun for making my day and for being such an awesome friend!  I know every time I use one of these items I'll think of you!

Want to show us what YOU got from your swap partner?  Link up now!

41 wonderful thoughts:


I haven't received my package yet (my partner is in Canada).. so I'll link up when it gets to me!

I love all the stuff that you got - I went a different route when picking my stuff, I spent more money on less stuff... but stuff that is SO necessary!

Diana Mieczan

Aww..that is fantastic and you got so many amazing stuff..I love those sandals and the PJs are totally adorable. Happy Tuesday, darling

Dana Leigh

Great stuff! She made a little money go a long way!!


What cute stuff! I'm going to post about my summer must haves tomorrow!


exciting! I JUST got my parcel this morning!!!! So happy! Will post later! :)xx

Sandy a la Mode

wowee! that is an amazing lineup of stuff! love those PJs!!

Cafe Fashionista

Gah! I have always adored Summer, but now that I've seen how fantastic she is at putting together prezzies I love her even more. Krysten, this is the most amazing swap set EVER - I love it! :)

Summer Athena

so, um...

... i love my package more. i swear some of those things seem so random but i knew you loved owls and butterflies and of course pink! wait, is pink your fave color? hahahahaahahaah!

i had so much for with this and i am so grateful we met!

ilene @ muchloveilly

such an incredible package! looks like you guys had fun with this swap!!!

p.s. glad to hear you are doing better today, friend!

Summer Athena

um, i left the polish out. boooo on me. its at home with my other polishes but it is also on my toes. wanna see?

Kristin H

What a fun Swap. You got lucky:)

Crazy Little World Of Mine

Awwww, lucky you!!!! :) Have fun using it all!!!


What great goodies! This swap was a lot of fun to do! Thanks for hosting it again!

Natalie @ NS Pottery

I haven't received my package yet, but I've been told its on the way. Can't wait!! I'll link up when I get it!
You got A LOT of stuff! Love those pink sandals!


WOW!! You got some great stuff!

I will be posting mine tonight after I get home =) I forgot to upload my pictures =/

Dancing Branflake

Awesome gifts and so perfect for you! Love everything here!


Aww! You got a ton of great stuff!

Dee Stephens

You racked up!! I want to swap :)

Amber Blue Bird

wow she went all out! You scored some awesome goodies, i especially like this I heart NY pjs

The Blonde Duck

Love all the pink!

Jessie Szmanda



This is SO super cute! :) I love it. What a great idea. I love how she put it all together with a theme! xx

la petite coquine

What a wonderful summer swap, and the perfect thing to bring a smile to your gorgeous face!


What gorgeous goodies! Connie still hasn't received her things from me in Fiji so I'll wait until she gets hers before posting about what she sent me :)

Married In Chicago

Thanks so much for hosting this! It was a blast!


woah, what an awesome box full of fun!


What a cool idea, I wish I could participate in the swap but shipping from Australia is so expensive, I wouldn't be able to afford to buy anything at all!

Maybe next time when I am employed.

Ocean Dreams

What adorable stuff, I love the magazine and shoes! I'm a little late linking up, but I just did and will post one right now! :)


You got some great stuff!!!!!


You got some seriously great stuff! I can't wait to see what I get!! :)


Amazing stuff!!! I wish I had participated in the swap.


Aw, that's amazing! I would have loved to participate but before graduation I had no (and I mean NO) money. I looked at all the link up posts and enjoyed looking at new blogs. What a great idea and I hope there may be some more in the future I can participate in. :) Way to start a great swap!


Thanks again for hosting - such a wonderful idea!

(And maybe something we could do seasonally? Or twice a year? Props to you - I know it must have been a lot of work and organization!)


What a cute concept! All of your goodies are super cute and I love the pink theme :)

Eternally yours,


This is such a cool idea! I love all the stuff you got. I saw some sandals at Target like those pink ones...might have to pick up a pair...maybe blue though! I hope you're doing better sweety.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

What great stuff from your swap partner!!


Holy cow, that is such an awesome swap, you got so many things, and that's nice that you kind of knew her beforehand. It looks like she sent you some awesome stuff.


Wow, look at all that loot! Nice start to the summer, for sure!

Ruby Girl

cute!!! oh my, what a fun idea! i'll have to get in on the action next time :) <3


This looks awesome. Let me know what you do this again! I'd love to participate. What a great idea!


It's way late - but I've finally linked up!