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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ Least Favorite and Favorite

1. how it all began: how you met, first date, first kiss, how long did you date? first picture together.....etc.
2. when you knew he was the one: self explanatory.. but how and when did you know?
3. proposal: how it happened, how long were you engaged for? was it a total surprise? pictures of that... etc.
4. the ring: tell us about it! did you pick it out? did he? pictures! tell us about his ring too!
5. engagement/bridal pictures: let's see em!
6. the colors: show some of the flower and colors you used
7. the dress: was it what you always imagined? did you have it made for you? white or ivory?
8. the little accessories: you know, veil? shoes? jewelry? what did your bridesmaids wear?
9. the reception: where was it at? show us some pictures! what day did you get married?
10. the cake/food: i love food. so tell me about what you had at your wedding!
11. favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day: can be anything.
12. honeymoon: where did you go? was it good? ;) haha...jk.
13. thoughts on marriage: what is the easiest/hardest part? if you could change anything, what would it be?
14. first place that you lived together: pics if you have them!
15. kids: do you have any yet? if not, when do you plan on it? how many do you want? any tips on good/bad birth control?
16. most recent picture of you and your significant other and what you love most about them :) and any other thoughts.

Least favorite part of the day
We'll start with the bad.  My least favorite part of the day actually started the day before the wedding day when my mom and I were involved in a car accident.  I later found out (after a trip to the emergency room a few days later when I was in so much pain I couldn't go to sleep AFTER taking Vicodin) that my sternum had been cracked by the seatbelt.  Because of that I was in a good amount of pain the day of my wedding.  I was given Vicodin and very strong Ibuprofen for the pain and because I didn't want to be totally dopey all day I stuck to the Ibuprofen.  It definitely helped by but the end of the evening I wasn't doing too hot.  I remember being in our hotel room after the reception and I actually started crying because my chest hurt so bad.  I definitely wouldn't wish this on ANY bride.

Favorite part of the day 
I honestly can't pick one thing, so here's a list of some of my favorite things:

  • Watching When Harry Met Sally with my bridal party as well got ready in the morning.  I like to think my relationship with Dustin is kind of like theirs (minus the whole fake orgasm in the restaurant thing).
  • Walking with my dad to meet Dustin while all eyes were on us.
  • Our sweet, funny ceremony and all the laughs that were sprinkled throughout it.
  • Saying our vows.
  • My brother and sister in law crying a few tears after we all walked back up the aisle.
  • Walking into the reception to Wonderful Night by Fatboy Slim.
  • My matron of honor's ridiculous speech in which she completely threw me under the bus about a get together I had while my parents were out of town when we were all in high school.
  • Dancing with my dad to Vienna by Billy Joel.
  • Dancing with Dustin to We Are Man and Wife by Michelle Featherstone.
  • Doing shots with my cousins, who I hadn't seen in forever.
  • Hosting an impromptu after party in one of Dustin's friend's hotel rooms.

36 wonderful thoughts:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

love this picture, beautiful!

The Favour Shoppe

OUCH! poor you on your wedding day!

Great photo, so cute!


I'm really diggin' this series! (have I told you that yet?)

It really makes me look forward to my future. This post especially makes me look forward to all the little things!


I can't believe you had a cracked sternum. Holy Moly!! Painful!

Teenage Bride

oh my ... you were a real trooper. I am so happy that you were ok, it could have been much worse.

All in all, it seems as though you had a very lovely wedding.

Cafe Fashionista

Accident aside, it sounds like your day was utterly magical Krysten. Though how you managed to get through it all with a cracked sternum and still look ridiculously gorgeous is beyond me! :P

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Wow, that is so crazy that you were in an accident the day before! From the good list, I'm glad you got to do so many awesome things on your wedding day!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Jessie Szmanda

Gosh what a crazy story about your car accident. I can't imagine going through that the day before your wedding!

SG to SP

You poor thing, I can't imagine being in all that pain on my wedding day. Looks like you made the best of it though!


ohh that picture makes my heart melt :)


I'm glad the injury didn't prevent you from having what sounds like a kickass day! Those are some amazing memories

Dancing Branflake

I cannot believe you had a cracked sternum on your wedding day. How incredibly horrible. You got through it, but I cannot imagine the pain and frustration of that. You cannot even tell though- you look stunning in every wedding photo I've seen so far.


So glad all of the good, wonderful moments outweighed the bad of that special day!


You are so incredibly strong Krysten! I love that you had a movie playing whilst getting ready! That's wonderful :)

la petite coquine

You poor thing-I still can't get over how beat up you were for your wedding! But it sounds like the good outweighed the bad big time, at least until bedtime!


oh that's so awful you had a car accident right before your wedding! but i'm glad you had a way to make it through. also, when harry met sally playing while you got ready is such a fun idea!

Dana Leigh

Whoa, poor girl! Despite all the pain, I'm sure all the good of the day outweighed the pain. Maybe I'll get married...someday. :)

Erin {pughs' news}

How horrible to be in a car accident... especially the day before your wedding! Thank goodness you were still able to go through with the wedding on schedule and enjoy your day!


I love these posts and reading about other people's weddings. Oh my gosh, that's so awful that you cracked your sternum the day before your wedding! That seriously would be the worst.


I'm so sorry you had to deal with the pain of that car accident on the day of your wedding :(

Amber Blue Bird

yeah a car accident would for sure be a bad part of anyones day. Sounds like the good times were abundant though


Oh my god, OUCH. You poor thing! You did well to get through the wedding at all! very brave.

Sick by Trend

I really like weddings!!! :D Lovely picture!



Oh my gosh, girl! What a crazy story! :( Sorry that happened but glad you were able to enjoy yourself either way!

Emily Jane

Oh my goodness you must have been in such a panic, what bad luck!! I got a sling about a week before the wedding and looking back, I probably should've worn it even just for one photo :)

Your wedding sounds like so much fun!


Oh my gosh I can't believe you were in an accident so close to your wedding day! Glad you were able to still have an amazing day!


Oh, how awful about the day before! I love that you watched When Harry Met Sally on your wedding day. That's my favorite movie and I quote it all the time to Dylan! It drives him crazy. :)


Everything about this post was so sweet, minus the car accident. I'm so sorry you went through that! But that picture is just.... amazing. I hope you have it blown up and showcased in your house somewhere! it's too beautiful!

Lia Waroka Putri

Omg sorry for the accident you had before your wedding >__<
But the rest of this post is so sweet and full of love..without being too "much" =)


love that picture :)x

Kristin H

My favorite part of the day was to come to the park and see all the people we love come together to celebrate the LOVE!


Bless you, being in pain on your weddind day can't have been fun! x

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

and yet you still managed to look goregous in your photos. i'd never have know you were in so much pain. impressed! :)


How funny that your wedding song was We are Man and Wife. That is going to be our wedding song and I searched for it for sooo long before I found the perfect song. It is beautiful


Ugh, how terrible about having a car accident RIGHT before your wedding!!! I'm glad you didn't let it put a damper on your day.


I still can't believe you had a car accident the day before your wedding. But I'm glad that you have such happy memories of the actual event. I always love to read them :)

Hope you have a great long weekend!