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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ The Reception

1. how it all began: how you met, first date, first kiss, how long did you date? first picture together.....etc.
2. when you knew he was the one: self explanatory.. but how and when did you know?
3. proposal: how it happened, how long were you engaged for? was it a total surprise? pictures of that... etc.
4. the ring: tell us about it! did you pick it out? did he? pictures! tell us about his ring too!
5. engagement/bridal pictures: let's see em!
6. the colors: show some of the flower and colors you used
7. the dress: was it what you always imagined? did you have it made for you? white or ivory?
8. the little accessories: you know, veil? shoes? jewelry? what did your bridesmaids wear?

9. the reception: where was it at? show us some pictures! what day did you get married?
10. the cake/food: i love food. so tell me about what you had at your wedding!
11. favorite part of the day and least favorite part of the day: can be anything.
12. honeymoon: where did you go? was it good? ;) haha...jk.
13. thoughts on marriage: what is the easiest/hardest part? if you could change anything, what would it be?
14. first place that you lived together: pics if you have them!
15. kids: do you have any yet? if not, when do you plan on it? how many do you want? any tips on good/bad birth control?
16. most recent picture of you and your significant other and what you love most about them :) and any other thoughts.

Dustin and I were married on September 27th, 2008.  As I mentioned in previous posts, we had our ceremony at my parents' house in Hayward, WI.  I really wanted to have the entire wedding there but we worried about the weather (it did end up raining a bit that day) and getting all the tents and equipment would have been expensive.  So we had our wedding reception at the Ramada Inn in Hayward.

The Ramada did a really awesome job.  They got the zillions of candles lit that I used to set an ambiance and the servers were amazing at dinner.  Honestly I don't have a single bad thing to say about them.  Not to mention the fact that our wedding night suite was gorgeous.

Our guestbook, a book made up of our favorite engagement pictures

Our memory candle, including the names of grandparents and Dustin's mom 
One of the guest tables, kept simple with red accents, candles and an ivory table cloth

 The head table
 In my family it's tradition to come up and gives kisses/razzes
Lots of drinks were had that night, mostly by the younger crowd (yep, I did shots too... I guess I'm more Wisconsin girl than I thought!)

I think the things that made our reception so fun is that our DJ was awesome, the hotel crew rocked and we had a great bunch of people to celebrate with.  Our reception was a true fun celebration; it was just sad that I seemed to blink and then it was over!

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Helena - A Diary of Lovely

very elegant!


love your tables!


So pretty! This is a super fun series you're doing... It's fun to see what people do and what people like - cause you know... one day... i just may have to do all this stuff too ;)

The Favour Shoppe

so beautiful!!


I love the deep red color! It gave the reception a very romantic feel it looks like.

Dancing Branflake

Wow! I am loving all the candles. So incredibly romantic, which is the overarching theme of your wedding.

Sandy a la Mode

the tables look great! love all the pops of red!!

ilene @ muchloveilly

very classy! love the red!


I love the candles! We did something similar... no big flower arrangements, just rose petals and candles :)

Oh, My Darling

Thanks for sharing this lovely peek into your reception. Looks like it was quite a party!


I love all the candle light -- such a romantic feel =)

Jamie Leigh

I just love your Wednesday posts! Your reception looked beautiful...I love the simplicity, it is so elegant! That is definitely the look I am going for!!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine

So elegant! Love the guest tables!! :)


Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh the tables are gorgeous! I love that you kept the reception very youthful, laidback, uninhibited, and fun! :)


The guest tables look AMAZING.

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

oooh the tables looked so lovely. simple, elegant and romantic.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Aaww love the picture of you two at the head table!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Audrey Allure

So beautiful! I love the table set ups, so pretty :)


looks beautiful and like a hek of a time! Every time I see your wedding photos it looks so romantic, love it.

Apparently we both went buck wild shopping, maybe you worse than me, but I did go to Ulta & Target the day before. We definitely would get along just fine lol


I love the memory candle. Great idea!

Jessie Szmanda

ohh my gosh what a beautiful reception Krysten!

Teenage Bride

I love the idea of having candles. Soft lighting is so great for weddings!!


wow it all looks beautiful!!

Ruby Girl

hey, i'm a wisconsin girl too! i'm in minneapolis now tho. where are you blogging from? <3

Summer Athena

i love seeing people's receptions! mine was way different -- no sit down dinner. southern wedding. you look soooooo happy. xoxoxox


aww your wedding reception looks so beautiful and so do you! I love the picture of the family members coming to give you kisses! The candles and rose petals are so sweet. I love the idea of the memory candle! Congrats!! :)


this looks like a blast! Love the last picture of the toast. I bet these are wonderful memories.

Amber Blue Bird

the rose petals on the tables add such a nice touch, beautiful decor


oh i know just what you mean - you get all your friends and family together for a huge celebration and then you just don't want it to ever end. as far as problems go, i guess that's a good one to have. ;)

la petite coquine

Those tables are just perfect-simple and elegant!


The tables look gorgeous! And that's really the saddest part isn't it? That such a huge party is over so quickly and it's one of the only times that EVERY single person you adore is with you.

kelly ann

Thanks for sharing your wedding with us, love :) <3


I say this in almost every Wedding Wednesday post, but I LOVE your wedding colors! I think the tables look so, so beautiful.


Y'all look so happy in those photos!


Love the pics! The tables look beautiful and I love the idea of a memory candle!


I love your memory candle what a loving and thoughtful touch. I'm envious of all the candles and the fairy lights! Beautiful Krysten :)


I love these photos! The memory candle is such a beautiful touch :)

Mariel Torres

cute pictures darling! btw, i'm from wisconsin too :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

I love the tables!

Elle Sees

This looks so lovely! And a great time was can tell by the faces!


great photos! ;)

Emily Jane

The table decor was so gorgeous! :)