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Tuesday, June 28, 2011



I have been a little...

Can you tell?

I can't totally pinpoint what it is.
But I kind of can.
Does that make any sense.

No need to worry.
This isn't really a bad distraction.
I'm just a little...

So if I seem not so much myself.
Just go with it.

Happy Tuesday!

36 wonderful thoughts:

Melanie's Randomness

Aww been there. Just go with the flow...you'll come back. Sometimes you have to let the frazzledness & randomness take over for a bit! hehe =)

Melanie's Randomness

Diana Mieczan

Sometimes its good to get a bit distracted! Hope you are having a lovely Monday, darling

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

feeling a bit the same! keep on darling :)

The Favour Shoppe

aww cute! Hope everything gets better for you <3 !





Aw, well hope you're feeling a little more yourself soon. We all have times like that so just take time to do whatever you need to for yourself!


this has been me exactly, lately! here's to regaining focus this week!

Cafe Fashionista

I think a mental health day is in order - that sometimes helps to quell distraction. :/

sherri lynn

I have those days sometimes! I'm your newest follower! :)


being scatterbrained for a while definitely spices up life :)

Silver Strands

What a great attitude Krysten. Hoping for a fun-filled day for you!

Silver Strands

What a great attitude Krysten. Hoping for a fun-filled day for you!

Dancing Branflake

Distraction is good sometimes. It lends itself to a different path.


it happens to all of us from time to time... hopefully you'll come back to focus with lots of energy! xx

Crazy Little World Of Mine

Totally fine!!! Being distracted can be fun! Especially during warm summer days. Have a fantastic day lady!!!



Sweetie - I HEAR YA!!! Just take things day by and and you'll do fine. Oh, and remember to enjoy the little things :-)

Happy Tuesday! xo

Scientific Housewife

It happens to all of us!

Audrey Allure

Happens to me too! Sometimes I get distracted & end up daydreaming, especially when it's warm outside lol.

Erin {pughs' news}

I hear ya. I've gone through a funk like that before myself. So long as you're just going with it, it'll all be okay.

Happy Tuesday to you too, my dear!


Hmm, I have to say I'm wondering the same as Erika.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

Kind of going through the same. Life kicks your ass sometimes :)

ilene @ muchloveilly

hehe this was cute. we all have those moments. :)

happy tuesday, krysten!!


I am always distracted! *mwah*


cute blog!



Oh I'm always distracted. *squirrel!*

la petite coquine

Oh boy, I think we've all been there. Take some time for yourself and you'll feel better in no time!


yup. Know the feeling. Since Christmas actually. I'm making an effort though. Otherwise i was in danger of melt down. Hope you get it together soon! x


We all have those days! I hope you still manage to have a nice Tuesday :)

Amber Blue Bird

Going with it as directed :)

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji

Keep on keeping on Krysten. I love how true you are to yourself, not everyone is capable of that <3


Totally understandable. You've been working your booty off!

Punctuation Mark

relax... just breath and relax!


Trust me--I TOTALLY know what you're going through. Here's hoping you can find some way to relax this weekend (well, I should say here's hoping you have some TIME for yourself to relax this weekend). Much love to you.


Ugh, I'm totally distracted. Moving sucks! I feel like it's eaten my brain.

kelly ann

I've been feeling distracted, too! I'm not really sure why, but I'm just kind of all over the place right now... so strange.

Vanessa, Take only Memories

Haha, I know the feeling. That little drawing is so funny, it says it all :)