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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Envy by Anna Godbersen

Its been two months since Elizabeth Holland's dramatic return to Manhattan and all over New York City's high society is eagerly awaiting her return as the darling debutante.  However, Elizabeth refuses to join her sister Diana's side.  Until a trip to Florida proves too good a time to pass up and the girls, along with Elizabeth's on again, off again friend Penelope, Penelope's new husband (an ex fiance of Elizabeth's) as well as a smattering of other guests embark on a journey that ends up being an eye opener for them all.

I have to say that I'm eating up this series.  In fact, I sat outside for quite a few hours yesterday with the 4th and final novel (although I had to pause every 10 minutes or so and get in the pool, it is that hot here).  This book, like the previous two, gets you so wrapped up in the lives of these people from the year 1900 New York.  The gossip and drama is so fun and you pick certain people that you just want to find good... and certain people that you hope are finally seen as the evil people that they are.  As with the other two I couldn't put this book down and I can't wait to figure out how this series ends.  Definitely a fun read, especially for summer!

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The Blonde Duck

I loved this series!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

I need a good book to recover from my last not that good one!
Sounds like a fun read!

Jane Marie

I have always noticed this series at B&N because I love the gorgeous cover illustrations, I'll definitely have to give them a try because they seem like the perfect summer read! Thanks! xoxo

Cafe Fashionista

I'm so glad that you are loving this series, Krysten; it will forever be one of my favorites! :)

Teenage Bride

love love love these books!

ilene @ muchloveilly

seriously want to read this series every time you mention them!

Jessie Szmanda

ohhh you make me want to read this series SO bad!!


Stop adding to my list! Ha!

la petite coquine

This series seriously sounds like the perfect summer read! I'm with Kristin-I feel like my book list grows every time I visit!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji

I'm getting the whole series...also how gorgeous are the cover images! I can just see these sitting on my coffee table.

Dancing Branflake

That cover! Wow!

Amber Blue Bird

Have I mentioned how jealous I am that you have a pool :)


Sounds like a great series to read, I love reading books that have to be continued and you get to keep reading about the same characters and follow their lives.


going to hawaii at the end of june and this sounds like the perfect beach read!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Thanks for the book review dear!
Gotta love drama from any time period!

Chic 'n Cheap Living


this sounds like such a good story. a great read for summer 4 sure.


wow i have to read it now :D


I was looking for a new book- I'll have to check this series out!


Sounds like a pretty yummy series! I'll have to put it on my to-reads list!


I just love that cover! It's so pretty.


this sounds excellent. I do not like what I'm reading right now so I think I'm going to have to look into this! Thanks for the rec. xx

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

I loved the series except the final ending kind of left me...wanting more. But definitely enjoyed reading these books.


I've never heard of that series before, I'll have to check it out. Is that picture that you posted new? Or maybe I just didn't notice it. Either way, it's adorable!


I haven't read this series, but I definitely plan to. I love your book reviews. Thanks to you, I have picked up several books that I wouldn't have looked at otherwise.