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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pool Party!

Well the main news around here is the pool party that we're gearing up for on Saturday!  It was my brother's 26th birthday on Sunday and Dustin's 28th is this Thursday so we're throwing a pool party in honor of them both.  There will be lots of this:


And lots of this:

And hopefully the weather will so that I can wear this:


And my super cute pink maxi dress from F21.

I'm also really excited because this weekend will be my first WHOLE WEEKEND off from work since I started there in January.  How insane is that?  Although the lack of money will be a bit of a bummer I'm going to live it up and enjoy myself to the fullest.

So, if you're around town feel free to stop by!  And if not... be jealous, hehe.

45 wonderful thoughts:


I'll be jealous haha
I don't even have to say it, because it's going to happen, but ENJOY your time off!!

Emily Jane

Have an amazing time!! Drinks and swimming and 80s music sounds like heaven!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

FUN!!! and what a cute swimsuit!


enjoy your non-work weekend to the max!


what a cute suit!

Cafe Fashionista

Sounds like you are in for a fantastic weekend, Krysten! :)


It sounds like a wonderful time - sorry I won't be able to make it though! Enjoy your time off!!

ilene @ muchloveilly

yeah for maxi dress and cute swimsuits!!! have so much fun :)

Jessie Szmanda

ohhh my goodness how FUN! I want to go swimming SO BAD!


where's my invite?

Crazy Little World Of Mine

A pool party sounds so much fun right now. You'll have a blast girl, and yay on finally getting your well deserved weekend off!! YAY!!!


Erin {pughs' news}

A pool party with 80s music? Awesome! Wish I were in town... because I would definitely stop by!


i WILL be jealous! Can't wait to hear how it went :)

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon

Sounds like an awesome way so spend a weekend! And I love that swim suit!


yay for a weekend off, cute suit, & pool party!! Enjoy :)


WooHoo for an entire weekend off, you totally deserve it! :)


Pool party sounds fun. Count me in!

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la petite coquine

Enjoy the weekend and all the celebrations, you lucky girl!


totally jealous x

Dancing Branflake

If I lived near by I would sooo stop by. Cute cute cute swim suit!


I have the same swimsuit in black!

Savvy Gal

ah..... have a fun fun weekend. well, it's my friend's little boy's b-day too. : )

Erika @ Rouge & Whimsy

super jealous.

and LOVE the swimsuit. May have to buy...

also. you're missing the beer! (microbrews only) otherwise I'd stop by...

except for that whole distance thing.

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji

That is a gorgeous swimsuit! I wish I were closer so I could stop by! Enjoy your weekend Krysten you deserve it!


im jealous! :) love that bathing suit!


Audrey Allure

Sounds awesome :) Have fun!!


Uh very very very important question... where did you get that picture of the alcohol and do you know if you can get WKD products? As far as I know we can't get them into the US unless bringing them back from a trip and WKD Blue is my FAVORITE!!!!! YUM!

Amber Blue Bird

an 80s pool party, oh joy!


I'm totally jealous!

Silver Strands

Pool Party - YAY! have fun!!!


Oooo so much fun! I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather!


Sounds like a blast. You will have to post pictures.

Do you have a pool or are you going to someone's pool?


Definitely jealous and that bathing suit, is FAB.


FUN!! Enjoy it :)

Mom Taxi Julie

This is definitely going to be a swimming and BBQ'ing weekend! I can't wait!

Becky Regina

It sounds awesome! And yes I'm jealous. Hahah


eep! I'm sure its gonna be a wonderful and fun weekend! Can't wait to read the recap! And what a CUTE swimsuit! xx

The Blonde Duck

How cute!

Ocean Dreams

Yaaay lounging around at the pool is always fun! I hope you enjoyed every minute!


That swimming suit is awesome! I hope that you get to wear it.


oh my gosh I love that swim suit! so cute!


A pool is something we would need in Texas this time of your! Hehe!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Pool party!!!!! Those are the best!


Sounds like fun! Have a great time and I love that bathing suit--very sexy :)

Oh, My Darling

Oh, how very fun -- a pool party!!!