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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Storytelling in 30 Photos ~ Photo Eight

8. A random pic of you and your significant other.

This was taken on our 1 year wedding anniversary weekend.  We went up to Duluth, MN and one of the things that we did was visit the aquarium.  They had a statue of a moose there which of course Dustin is nearly as tall as but I, obviously, am not.  So we had to get a picture!  We had such a fun time that weekend, visiting some of our favorite places to eat, exploring the town and of course having some champagne!  Duluth was definitely a great place for a 1 year anniversary celebration!

P.S. A huge happy birthday to my brother Ryan!

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Cafe Fashionista

What a fun spot to celebrate your One-Year Anniversary, Krysten! I love this picture of the two of you!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Ryan! :)


I've been to Duluth hundreds of times and I have never been to the aquarium. I will have to bring Jake there the next time we are up.

le sorelle

A moose at an aquarium?! How funny! I love hearing the stories behind photos - sounds like you both had a wonderful time!

sorelle in style


Aww! Such a cute pic!

Crazy Little World Of Mine

Haha, a moose at an aquarium? Sweet! So glad you took the picture though. Love it!!! :)


Sounds like a fun weekend you had when that photo was taken. A moose statute, how funny.

Audrey Allure

Great photo :) Sounded like a lot of fun!


happy times :)

Mom Taxi Julie

Nice! My husband and I have that big height difference too. Email me your info so I can send your book!


Wish you to have many celebrations like this - just waiting for you!
And you both did look adorable:)

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji

Sounds like a real fun place to celebrate. What a great fun picture - do you have this one framed and on display?

PS I love what you've done with your "About Me" page <3

Claire Kiefer

What a cute picture, although what on earth is a moose statue doing at an aquarium?? That makes the picture even funnier! :) happy bday to your bro!


All I can say is... ADORABLE!!!

Happy Weekend Dear! xo


You two are so cute!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady

oh my gosh, random. i actually have family that lives there and eden prairie. go there all the time!! thanks for the blog lovin'!

Ruby Girl

funnn! i'll have to keep this in mind for our 2-year in august!! duluth is beautiful! and apparently has an awesome aquarium to visit :) <3

Kristin H

Hey Dear Kristen!! Congratulations on your Rosebud!!!
and also on your anniversary:)


What a sweet photograph of you guys :) Love it! And a very happy birthday to your brother!


Glad you explained the photo! Since I can only see the nose, I had NO IDEA what that was hahaha


Such a cute photo!!


what a fun place to visit. That picture is awesome. my bf is also tall and I am also short :)

Ocean Dreams

I went to Duluth once. It's been a while though! Cute photo of you two.