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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Saturday V6.7


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Strawberry daiquiris
2. Etsy
3. My pool
4. Jersey Shore
5. My sister-in-law
6. Fun mail
7. Being in a good mood at work
8. Cooper Anderson's giggle
9. Pop Tarts
10. Thinking about AUTUMN

19 wonderful thoughts:


jersey shore has sucked me in too :)


Oh my Dior!

that phrase is really so beautiful and true!


Claire Kiefer

Haha Jersey Shore is on my list as well! Along with The West Memphis 3 finally being set free yesterday and meeting hottie Ben F. And wine! Hope you have an excellent weekend--xoxo!


Oooh, girl. Autumn needs to be here ASAP! I cannot wait to run in 50 degree weather:)

Jenny Taylor

I love that quote--it's so true, but I need to be reminded occasionally. :)


Oh Jersey Shore! How I adore them. Deena is my new fav =D

sarah nicole

I am in love with Anderson Cooper in a ways that I didn't even know were possible! He is adorable. Love this post.




Loved this list! I am watching Season 4 of Jersey shore lol...cannot stop with this show.

Michelle Koechle

I am getting so excited about Fall! Eeee!


I love etsy ^^
Thanks for your comment.


Chic 'n Cheap Living

Sigh I wish we had autumn here! Ooh how is this season of "Jersey Shore"?

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Style, She Wrote

So true!! Thanks for posting. xo style, she wrote


You are so lucky to have a pool. If I had one, I would sit out and read every day. Pool dip, beer sip, read & repeat.

I detested Jersey Shore. I didn't watch any of the previous seasons but this one is quite entertaining and not annoying.


Luv this sayin!! And luv #10! Me too!!


I totes want a daiquiri now...Mmmmm!


jersey shore started in the US already? Yay! We should have it here in a few weeks :)


hell yes to jersey shore. can you believe last weeks episode?! omg. snookie is a skank.

"she's a virgin"
"she's a virgin"
"hahaha no you're not"

oh how far we have fallen haha xoxo


I think I know the giggle you are talking about... I actually was watching Anderson Cooper when he totally lost it on tv and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. LOVE him :)

Also very jealous of your pool--soooo nice to have one this time of year!


Autumn makes me happy too.