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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Storytelling in 30 Photos ~ Photo Nineteen

19. A picture of a person who is always there.

Tim is the first blogger I ever met "in real life."  We met through back in 2002 and became good friends.  My first year of college we talked on the phone multiple times a week and went through quite a few heartbreaks together.  A lot of time has passed since those days and we may not talk on the phone several times a week like we used to but I know that if I need someone that Tim will be there.  And hopefully he knows the same about me.

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Cafe Fashionista

Awww...what a sweet picture, Krysten! Tim sounds like an absolute keeper in the friendship department! :)


Isn't it amazing how we can form friendships over the internet these days? I have 2 friends that I met through my old Xanga account and we still keep in touch through facebook, etc. :)


The friends that will always be there are the best!


thats so lovely :)x


Aw! I love that your person is a blogger too!

Mine is best friend. We met in highschool and have kind of been inseparable since then. Well, as inseparable as two can be when one of them lives in the US and the other in Aus.

Oh my Dior!

cool and sweet picture!

Maria Celina

Isn't the internet great?! To think that just around 15 years ago, people would not consider meeting someone they've met online in person, because of scenarios so scary that only Chris Hansen can narrate. I'm sure glad that both safety measures and the perception of the digital outlet has evolved since then.

I've met a bunch of people I've met online in person, and one of them even turned into my schoolmate in college. I'm glad the first online friend you met offline turned out to be someone you can depend on. To have that type of emotional support system, even from one person, is special. Great photo of the both of you!


awww, that sounds like a beautiful friendship! :)

<3, Mimi
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Beautiful photograph and sweet post to your friend--those are the kinds you want to keep around forever :)


i love friends like that. you look gorgeous darling!


Awww! Friendships like that are hard to find. Lucky you. :)

XoXo, Bree
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