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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Saturday V7.3


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Autumn blend coffee
2. Damon Salvatore
3. Tea
4. Felicity
5. Candles
6. Caramel apple cupcakes
7. Grocery shopping
8. A new domain name
9. My new cellphone
10. Being happy

13 wonderful thoughts:

Mrs. Pancakes

I adore the reason you give about being weird! I like your Saturday posts! Have a great weekend...working but make it a good one regardless:-)

Cafe Fashionista

I love that quote; and...Felicity! I always wanted to watch it when it was on, but my mom wouldn't let me at the time (apparently I was too young; though she has no idea I was watching Dawson's Creek - :P ). Maybe I should invest in the DVD's. :)


I loved Felicity. Such a good show! Caramel apple cupcakes sound amazing!


Girl, you come and grocery shop for me then, I despise the grocery store! Felicity is wonderful though!

Alli @ Life on LeRoy

Hey I saw you life in River Falls! Me too! How crazy is that?!?!?! I'm a new follower!

Amy (Oh, My)

Ha! I love that quote!

Ocean Dreams

Caramel apple cupcakes?! Yum!! Felicity makes me happy - need to watch it again sometime.

Loving the new blog look and layout lady!

Smart Ass Sara

I just bought a Bath & Body candle that's like pumpkin spice or something? It smells like Christmas... so good.


just thinking of damon salvatore makes me smile! :D


Damon...yum! Are you a Vampire Diaries fan too?

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia

I LOVE grocery shopping, that always makes me happy :)

Elle Sees

Felicity! I watch it every autumn. I own the whole series!
And Damon Salvatore....I'm on a quest to find him, since they film it here.


Caramel apple cupcakes?! Must find! YUMS!

And yay to you for always seeing the positive--you are such an inspiration. XOXO