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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Purse Fairy

I'm one of those girls that has one purse that I use pretty much every day.  Sure, if I'm going out somewhere I may switch to a cute little clutch but for the most part I carry the same purse every day till I get bored and buy a new one.

I've had my current purse for 10 months now.  Isn't that INSANE?  And I am ITCHING for a new bag - but right now I have to be really money conscious so alas, unless the purse fairy is about to grant me a wish all of these pretty bags are going to have to remain on my wish list.

Charlston Satchel in Red

The Canvas Charmer Satchel

Carry On Mustard Yellow Purse
from LuLu*s

Pierson Turn Lock Satchel
from Shopkempt
Persimmon Poise Satchel
from Modcloth

You can't blame me for lusting after these beautiful bags, can you?

Oh purse fairy, where are you when I need you?

33 wonderful thoughts:

Jess - PrettyPhysicist

I have #2 on your list in black. It is a really nice bag. Holds a ton of stuff, well worth the asking price. :)

Mrs. Pancakes

Oh when you find the purse fairy send her my way...I want #3 please! Great choices:-)


beautiful choices! i love them all :)


Cafe Fashionista

I really love the Charlston Satchel in Red from Mimi Boutique - it would add the perfect pop of color to any outfit! :)

The Blonde Duck

Send her my way when you find her!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine

Oh...I so want that first pink purse! Not that I need a new one, but we all know, the saying goes also for purses...a girl can never have too many! ;)


I kind of love them all... but my fave is the first! send her my way when you're done!


i LOVE them! i do the same thing where i try to only buy one purse/year


I adore the first and the last one :-)

you have a great blog! waiting for you visiting also mine :-* maybe like to follow each other?
I am a new reader as of now


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia

Ohh dear...I'm saving to add another Chanel bag to my collection...I'm getting a little distracted now! Where is this purse fairy?!


oh i love that cute yellow one from lulu's. and i love your comment from my blog today. i know you'll reach your goal. it's a process, but you'll get yourself back. :)


I want them all!!!

Except the first one, only because I don't like red haha

Angela [Simply Simple Me]

I really love the 2nd one and I have something that is similar to the 4th one! I could use one purse for a while (or none), but I commonly get sucked in to buying new purses because I work at Fossil and am subjected to new stuff too often! Good luck picking a new purse :)

Sandy a la Mode

i have soo many bags but just use the same one every day!!! i love that canvas charmer!!


I love that canvas satchel! Adorable!

the southern hostess

I can't pick a favorite!

Elle Sees

It's my birthday this month, craziest thing, and I need one of these purses! I need to forward this to all fam and friends.

Just entered the blog swap!!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Oh I love that first one!!


Ohhh that last one especially!


i don't think any one could blame you for that. i do the same thing over jeans, heels and makeup.

love your face xoxo


I MUST have that first one!!! :p


Oh, those are some REALLY cute purses you have there :) I especially like the Pierson Turn Lock Satchel--sooo cute!

Jessie Szmanda

ohhh my goodness OBSESSED with purses! 10 months?! I could never go that long, I give you props!


The first satchel is GORGEOUS! x


the one from modcloth is SO FETCH. #iwant if the purse fairy comes around, please give her directions to my house as well please :)


That first bag is just gorgeous! I ordered a cobalt satchel the other day. Can't wait to get it!

Emma Frances

Oh my goodness I love all of these! I love love love the mustard yellow one. What a perfect fall color! :]


Now I'm lusting after them too! Especially that Pierson Turn Lock Satchel--how perfect for fall!

Jazzy E (hivenn)

Love all of these! x hivenn

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

ooh I really like the color and shape of the last one!

The Pepperrific Life

I especially love the last one :). I think I need to invest in a good purse. I use the same one every single day, and I'm starting to get bored.

ilene @ muchloveilly

i've eyed that Le Mode bag for forever! it's sooo perfect!


These all look great! so hard to pick only one.