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Friday, October 21, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons


Okay, I had a lot of responses to my tattoo situation and I wanted to kind of update you all on it.  I think what I've decided is to cover it with either the word Strength or Courage.  The reason I'm opting to cover rather than remove is because I don't want to act like my marriage (and the tattoo) never happened.  I got married.  I'm getting divorced.  I learned a lot and I can't deny the bad OR good that came of it.   So covering it, to me, seems like the best way to go.  I plan on going to the same shop that I went to get the original tat and see what the artist can do for me.  So I'll keep you all updated!

Otherwise, divorce-wise I'm doing okay.  We're filing tomorrow so then it's just a waiting game.  I've mostly been okay about it.  I know in my heart it's the right thing to do.  Sometimes I get sad.  It's hard not to when you planned a future with someone and then suddenly that future is snuffed out.  And I'm feeling really rejected by my in-laws.  I understand that they're trying to "be on Dustin's side" about this but I guess I just hoped that in all the time I've been with Dustin they would have cared enough for me to at least make sure I'm okay too.  It's most sad because I haven't talked to Taryn, my sister-in-law, since we announced what was going on.  She was like an honest to goodness sister to me so I feel that absense nearly as much as Dustin's.  But I'm trying to be strong and remind myself that these things take time.

Also, yesterday I found out that a regular at my restaurant died.  He was older and in poor health so in a way it's not a shock but still sad.  He's been coming in for YEARS and every time he was there when I worked he asked how I was and was always sweet.  So it's sad.  Please if you all could keep his family in your thoughts that would be great.

And FINALLY, this weekend.  I close tonight but then I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off.  I'll be busy carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, drinking coffee with Bailey's and eating beef stew.  Oh and hopefully spray painting the ugly gold headboard my parents gave me so it doesn't look ugly anymore!  Plus the weather is supposed to be gorgeous which is also exciting. 

So that's about all!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a happy Friday!

P.S. The winner of the $15 Jenna Lou Designs shop credit is Laura from Gringation's Blog!  Laura, please email me so you can claim your prize!

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Cafe Fashionista

Awww...it sounds like you have the most amazing fall-inspired plans for the weekend, Krysten! I'm so glad that you have the weekend off! :)

amy b.s.

sounds like you have a great weekend planned. and i think you're making the right decision about your tatoo. i have my husband's initials in that exact spot and i think if anything ever happened, i'd do the same thing.


I vote strength - it's more powerful! Another option - just put a line through it (only half serious here). A friend had her ex-husbands name tattooed on her arm as well - and I suggested the same thing.

Your weekend plans sound lovely(minus the scary movies - I'm a wimp) I think I need a weekend just like that.


Geezees Custom Canvas Art

Krysten, so sorry to hear about the divorce...i have been through it..it's not fun...sending you lots of strength and love.
Sounds like your going to have a nice weekend..ENJOY!!!

Mrs. Pancakes

i think your idea for the tattoo is great! and glad things are going well despite all the stuff going on. take your long weekend and ENJOY my friend..pumpkin carving sounds like fun!


I read your first line and went straight for the other post. :( lesson learned, I guess, but I'd love to see the final result of the cover up.


I can't wait to see what you do with your tattoo! So sorry to hear about that man. I'll say a prayer for his family. Your weekend sounds lovely!


I think that's a great idea about the tattoo- what a nice compromise between doing nothing and completely removing it. And that's really sad about the regular at your restaurant- I'll definitely keep him and his family in my thoughts.


Love the idea of your tattoo; and too bad I wasn't home this weekend or I'd totally come visit and drink coffee with Bailey's! :)

Amber Blue Bird

i see now why covering it up is the way to go. my votes on strength.


I'm sure the tattoo artist will know exactly what to do in terms of covering it up. I wouldn't worry too much about it (but it always sucks when things like this happen, I'm sorry, momma). :(

Sorry too about your favorite customers. That's awful. At least you have fond memories of him and he seemed to really like you.

Hope you have a great weekend, hun! *HUGS*

Elle Sees

excellent idea on the tat!
most of my dad's side has tats and i have one teeny one that no one knows about.
my sis and her husband, whom i adore, are divorcing. i've found that his side has completely cut all of us out, including my sis. we've been making sure to include to him.

Rachel Cotterill

Aww, hon, I'm so sorry. I've been kind of away from the blogosphere for a couple of months and I totally missed that you were getting a divorce. *hugs* I know how hard it can be to split up after a long-term relationship, so please, let me know if there's anything I can do to help x


I like the idea for the tattoo! I'm sorry you're feeling left out from your former in-laws, especially not talking to Taryn. I know how close the two of you were so hopefully, with time, you two can still remain friends.

Erin {pughs' news}

What a great way to look at it, Krysten. I am impressed by your postive attitude. I hope Dustin's sister comes around... that's sad to lose a family member in that way.

Have a great weekend. Baileys sounds pretty great right about now!


You're doing great, Krysten. And you know what? It's ok to be sad sometimes! It sounds like you are handling this all really well, and really maturely. I'm sorry about your in-laws, especially your sis-in-law. Even from reading your blog, I know how much time you guys spent together. Perhaps in the future you can all be friends again. They may just need some time.

Stay strong and keep your chin up! {{{hugs}}}


good word choices for your tattoo lady. can't wait to see it when you're done.

i'm sorry to hear about your inlaws.. i know how bad that can suck, even if my exfiances family was never officially my inlaws, they were apart of my life for six years and i still miss them terribly.

that sucks that he died. i'll keep him in my prayers. hope you have a good weekend love. you are fabulous. xoxo


ah! sounds like SO much fun! lovely blog, girl! :)

love, rach.


Oh man, I hope things get easier...I can't imagine the difficulties that you are going through...but I am certain they will look up soon! xo


I'm happy to read this post from beginning to end. You're on the right track girly! Can't wait to see the wrist tattoo! And headboard, photos please. I'm currently obsessed with spray paint.

la petite coquine

I think keeping that tattoo is an amazing choice, and a true show of strength. I'm sorry Taryn hasn't tried to keep your relationship strong despite what's happening, but I know you'll find your way through all of this, and so will she. ENJOY the weekend-you deserve it!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia

Yay you get a real weekend! And your plans sound just perfect! Hopefully things with your in-laws just need time...Have a great weekend Krysten!

Smart Ass Sara

I know I would be devastated if something ever happened between Matt and I and I essentially lost Kate too. She's a sister to me as well and I enjoy hanging out with her. I can see how it would be weird though, but if it makes you feel better- she's probably sad about losing you too... but just feels like she'd be a "traitor" if she called you up? Have you tried calling her? Maybe if you made the first step you can work something out?


oh, i hope the tatoo works out, i'm sure it will. it's sad that you are no longer in contact with your sis in law. In my experience with friends that have gone through a breakup, when people take sides they are the ones left out in the cold eventually as mostly the people who seperate get along after a while..after all the hurt has gone... and the friend/sibling ends up feeling a bit shut out.

kelly ann

I think covering the tattoo instead of removing it is so much better - especially with words like strength or courage. It's so symbolic of your bravery throughout this whole situation. Good for you, Krysten - you're a tough cookie and so inspiring. <3


It's really hard when you break up and lose the people that you once called family. Unfortunately they are in a uncomfortable position. Maybe they will come around when things settle down.


I hope you had a great weekend!!! ;)


Good luck, hopefully they can work their magic and you'll get something beautiful. I totally agree with you though, my friend got many for her ex husband, and now she has more with her current fiance, and is still stuck with those old ones. I'm sorry about his family. I know how you feel, that sucks to feel abandoned by people that meant so much to you. I bet his sister will come around and one day you'll be close again.