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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas List

Is it too soon to be thinking about Christmas presents?

I've already started my Christmas shopping and this year I'd like to do the bulk of it, if not all of it, on Etsy.  So while I'm shopping for other people, I can't help but have a list of things that I'd love to receive this year.

So what about you, do you have a Christmas list yet?  What are you wishing for?

35 wonderful thoughts:

So, can I just link your page for a Christmas list!? Haha! I love this! I have a feeling our Christmas is going to consist of a car repair, and some little things. We'll see.


Damn, at least you have things. Who cares if it's early! I'm being bugged by both Dylan and my parents for a list and I can't come up with a single thing!

Cafe Fashionista

I absolutely LOVE the Necklace Hanger Shelf - too cute! :)

Sandy a la Mode

i really really really want to make one of those yarn wreaths this year! we'll see if i have the time and energy ahha!!


I can usually find a lot of things I'm wishing for when I don't have to, but when Christmas is closing in I can't come up with anything really good, so this year I started writing a list a couple of months ago, I guess being on maternity leave left me time for that:)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Ooh how fun is the rock star necklace! I definitely need to shop for gifts soon!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

The Non-Student

Girl, I'm almost done with my shopping! Never too early to think about Christmas presents. The only thing about wishing for them early is you have to wait longer to get them. :-)


I never thought about looking at Etsy for a calender! Great idea...


loveee your choices! :)

haha, as I posted my blog last night, I was wondering what you think from a server's perspective! haha :) I'm damn sure she talked maaddddd crap about us. eeeek!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

looove the star necklace and Flapper Doodle calendar!


i don't start thinking about christmas till december.. so no haha cute guy asked what i wanted for my birthday last night and i don't even know how to answer that! haha cute stuff though love. xoxo

Jamie Leigh

LOVE this! I started my shopping list yesterday and am starting this weekend! So excited for Christmas this year! I am wishing for a nice pair a slippers and a bunch of movies!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

It's definitely NOT too early! I posted my wish list today! lol. I love that necklace hanger.


Love love that rockstar necklace! So pretty. I'm making MY Christmas list now, so no it's not too early!

Audrey Allure

Great items - loving that calendar, so cute!

The Demoiselle

I LOVE that necklace hanger - I bet it could be DIY'd pretty simply. So practical!! Thx for sharing


the necklace hanger shelf
i am so going to do that for
my room! great idea





You had me at the necklace shelf!! That would be perfect for me :)
I have a confession to make...I have NEVER been on Etsy. The reason is because I know I would be absolutely hooked on it and I refuse to tempt myself because I have absolutely zero extra money to spend beyond my bills and food. I haven't spent money on myself in 3 years now. I would be like Etsy crack addict once I make the plunge! lol

Amber Blue Bird

I really like that calendar. Much nicer than the puppies ones my mom always gets me :)

The Blonde Duck

I've been shopping too! I'm almost done!


LOVE that star necklace! And that wreath!


Cute bunch of accessories :) i love them !


la petite coquine

I just love your list! I've been sending mine to John for weeks now, and I'm nearly finished with all my gift buying!


I adore that wreath! I am sure someone creative made it - and I would just buy it because I have no creativity whatsoever!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia

That necklace shelf hanger is so practical, I wouldn't mind one of those too. I hope you get some of these goodies for Christmas :)

Stephanie @Femmena Mala

Krysten! I LOVE your blog! It's SO adorable. I'm glad to have been paired up with you! I am excited to read your blog and get to know more about you so that I can pick something awesome to send you for CHWH! This post looks like a perfect place to start.

I love your comment on my blog, it seems like we have a LOT in common!! I am also obsessed with my puppies (and coffee) :)

Happy Tuesday! <3 <3 <3

Mrs. Pancakes

These are so nice....I Think I want the rockstar necklace too!!

New Life in Spain

Ooooh such pretty things! Love the butterfly, the Books and Coffee Watercolor Necklace, and the ring!

I already started buying christmas-presents too..

The Blonde Duck

Happy Wednesday!


love these! its never to early to think about christmas. what a great idea to do all your shopping on etsy - i'll have to try that :)



I typically never make a Christmas list because I am never around to celebrate Christmas but I do make a birthday wish list. I should make one up soon.


Love your list! No list for me yet. I think this year, being home on Christmas is going to be enough for me.


Uh oh, now my Christmas list is getting longer :) I love that necklace hanger shelf and book/coffee necklace!

Smart Ass Sara

I have that cherry blossom ring! It's super. :) My Xmas list includes: a laundry sink (I refuse to let this dream die), an iPod player for my van that isn't a piece of shit and actually works, and a sitter for my bday party in Chicago in March. *crossing fingers*


That necklace is TOOOO cute! Love this.

Not ready to think about Christmas yet. I'm just mentally preparing myself for Thanksgiving :)