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Monday, November 7, 2011

Where Did The Weekend Go?


What a weekend!  I am TIRED.  I worked from 5 to midnight on Friday (way past this girl's bedtime), 11 to 7 on Saturday and then 8 to 2 on Sunday.  Not to mention the fact that I totally forgot about Daylight Savings.  This weekend left me all sorts of messed up!

Add to the work schedule the fact that I had lots of homework AND I'm getting a little behind in NaNo and lets just say I'm a little stressed.  Eek!

So I talked with my parents about the whole situation with Ryan.  And now I get to move down to his apartment and he'll be up here.  I have no say whatsoever because I don't pay as much in rent as he does.  But I'm upset.  I have no idea where all my furniture is supposed to go because his apartment is half the size of up here.  And I feel like he's being rewarded for throwing a party and keeping me up all night.  I'm trying to be positive about the move.  The apartment is more private and utilities are a lot cheaper.  Plus it stays warmer down there in the winter and cooler in the summer.  Still.  I'm frustrated.  It's just a sad situation and I got the short end of the stick.

Luckily for me I had some phone calls over the weekend that made me smile.  And text messages from one of my blogging besties that totally made me happy.  So at least I have good friends to keep me going!

This week my only plan is to get homework done ahead of time and try to keep up in NaNo.  Should be simple, right?

How was your weekend?

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GLAD YOU ARE NOT HOMELESS!!! Keep positive, it will all get better. So many of us pulling for you! Smiles!

Cafe Fashionista

I'm sorry to hear about the situation with Ryan; but at least you have the apartment now. It sounds like a quaint and charming space. :)

Kristin H

All the best to you girl!! Hard times makes one tired!!
Good luck with the move!

Jamie Leigh

I am glad you are trying to keep positive about the move! I am sure everything will work out :)

Have a good day!


Make it your own, stay positive but I can't help but agree with you that you're getting the short end of the stick and it feels like they're punishing you for getting a divorce, know what I mean? Either way, frustrating, but this might be a good thing. And, hey, less space to keep clean, too!!


I hear ya girl, but it's good to know you won't have to search for a new place! I'm sure you'll make it charming and it'll become the perfect quaint spot for you! :)


Weekends always go by way too quickly! I wish they were five days and the work weeks were only two.

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Melissa Blake

YES! I ask myself that every single Monday!

sarah - dodeline design

Well, at least you aren't totally out of luck on the living situation, but I know it's still frustrating! Good luck keeping up with the workload this week :-)


I agree, at least you aren't homeless! Even if it's not ideal, there are always ways to make the best of it!


I agree, at least you aren't homeless! Even if it's not ideal, there are always ways to make the best of it!

Sandy a la Mode

i always feel the same way after the weekend.. where did it go!? i need it to come back!! haha

Angela [Simply Simple Me]

I'm sorry the conditions are not ideal, but it could always be worse, right? (not something people typically want to hear).

It sounds to me like your weekend was stressful instead of relaxing :( Hope the homework goes well!!!

amy b.s.

why is it the weeks take forever and the weekends fly by!

Elle Sees

Too bad you can't move to another apt somewhere. You will though!

catwalk criminal

my weekend was great, and i'm also tired ♥

Ren- Lady Of The Arts

I hate forgetting about Day Light Savings- didn't happen to me this year but it has and is sucks.

Mrs. Pancakes

Glad you are lookin at the bright side of things! Have a great week ahead! That work schedule is brutal but at least its over!


even though it's not ideal... you still have somewhere to live - YAY!

maybe it'll turn out to be better anyhow?


i feel ya girl!

i worked all weekend too
except sunday but i cleaned
all day .. so there was no
break this weekend...

hopefully next one is better!





Dancing Branflake

Sigh... well I'm glad you got to stay. It's crazy how this has all panned out. Love to you! can't wait to see the new boy!


While living downstairs isn't ideal, at least you know you still have a home!!! You are going to rock the homework and NaNo this week, I can feel it ;)


It's hard, but you're very obviously a strong woman! Keep ya chin up. :)


I'm glad to hear you're not getting kicked out! Not the ideal scenario, but much better than trying to find a place within 3 weeks!

I'm behind on NaNo, too, but going to try to keep up this week. It's so hard on work days!


Hi! New to your blog and just wanted to say I love the colors, layout, your profile pic - it's all so cute!!

I am definitely tired more now that we set the clocks back. I had a nice weekend, but I'm already ready for the next one!! :D

Jessie Szmanda

Glad to hear friends are keeping your spirits up - hang in there love!

la petite coquine

Just keep swimming, right? oxoxoxoxoxo

( elisse )

Though not the ideal scenario, I'm relieved that you've got a roof over your head! And in the long run, it's a temporary living situation, right?

Smart Ass Sara

The good news is that you don't have to scramble to find a place to live- anything is better than that! But my weekend was pretty awesome between kid stuff and a concert AND Matt letting me sleep in.. it was a win. :)

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia

I think it's great that you have a roof over your head but I just cannot believe how your parents are handling it! It'll get so much better K, better then you can even imagine!


Hey, girl!
The Daylight Savings is totally messing with everyone. I hope you get enough rest. As for the living situation, I'm sorry. At least you have somewhere to live, right? :)

Sending you lots of love and a hug!

P.S. Breaking Dawn should be amazing. Taylor Lautner is a total hottie!

Lots of love, B
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My first visit...your blog is so pretty!

Michelle's Style File

All the best with your homework : )



Girl you've got it covered. I know it! You da' bomb!



yayayaya!!!! we definitely had a good chat yesterday. sooo excited.

maybe the move will be for the best? guess time will tell yes? can't wait to see it :) love you!!!


I'm glad you are staying positive though I know this isn't an ideal situation for you. I hope everything works out, hun, and know that we're all rooting for you. XOXO