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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crossed by Ally Condie

After Ky is sent away Cassia knows that she must do whatever it takes to find him, even if it means getting to the Outer Provinces.  She knows that Ky was taken there to die but when she finally arrives she finds that she finds that he has escaped into the dangerous canyons beyond the Outer Provinces.  And so she risks everything to go after him, thinking that it is Ky that she's supposed to be with.  However, when surprises from Xander, Cassia's match, start to pop up, Cassia remembers that she did have another choice.  As she travels further and further into the canyons she does whatever it takes to find Ky while still thinking about the boy that she left behind.

This is the sequel novel to Matched and it certainly did not disappoint.  I have a thing for Cassia and Ky and throughout the entire novel I kept wondering where they would end up, if they'd be together and what would happen if The Society caught then.  The introduction of new characters added to the mystery and the end... well, lets just say that Ally Condie really needs to hurry up with the next novel because I have got to know what happens next!

This series started off with a really interesting premise and the second novel does a really great job of continuing with Cassia's adventure.  Definitely a fun and really interesting read!

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The Blonde Duck

Any other YA books you recommend? Desperately need something for my Kindle!


Now that I have completed The Hunger Games series, I am dying to read other dystopian tales - this one sounds perfect! :)


Sounds like a great read! I have a hugeeee line up in front of me, but when I get a chance this will deff be check out. :)

Dancing Branflake

I love when sequels are good. Really says a lot about the author.

ilene @ muchloveilly

so this might be one book we disagree on (hehe). i loved matched but was disappointed by this one. it might have been the pace or the expectations i had for it...or could have just been me. hehe. i can't wait for the 3rd on though - go TEAM KY! love him. :)

Sandy a la Mode

thanks for another book recommendation! as i add it to my ever growing list!


Love your recommendations. I'm adding them all to my library list!


I wish I had your reading speed. At this rate I am gonna finish the Game of Thrones series in about three years.

Jessie Szmanda

hmmm sounds like another series I'll have to TRY to get into :)

Courtney B

Yessss... I loved this book! I'm with you, she needs to hurry up with the next book!
So happy I found your blog!


i've only read the first one of these i need to get the rest!


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day! You're adorable : )