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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


You would know...

I have an intense chapstick addiction.

I prefer texting to talking on the phone.

I am a VERY picky eater.

I cry easily.

I don't get excited over very many things.

That you shouldn't try to talk to me when I'm sleepy.

I LOVE candy.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.

When I'm stressed out I get very quiet.

I don't like surprises UNLESS I don't know ANYTHING is going on.

I miss having a best friend.

I am a total homebody.

What don't many people know about you?

P.S. I'm being featured over at Adventures of Team Pancakes today. Please drop by and check it out.

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You and I are long lost sisters.
I have a tube of chapstick in my purse, in my desk, on my nightstand, on my living room table, in my gym bag... I even order in bulk from drugstore.com (something like 40+ tubes).
I can relate with a lot of the others listed too... except for the picky eater one... I've overcome that! :) Proud to say it too!


I have an addition to chap stick too but I've fallen in love with Baby Lips! Totally addicted to that too. I cry VERY easy!!! I kinda hate it. I don't like my hair that much either.


I get really quiet when i'm stressed too but if people then keep bugging me about it I explode. I think i'm more grown up then people would like to believe.


i love my chapstick :)

i think many people don't realize how traditional i am in my values.
i'm very modern in some ways but in my family, home, and especially gender roles, i am so traditionally southern.

SG to SP

With the exception of my mom and husband I much prefer texting to talking on the phone as well. I'm also a homebody. Good list.

Dancing Branflake

So many things. Like watching people eat cantaloupe freaks me out. It's just uncomfortable.


I love my Burts!
I cry easily, too.
I love all sweets, especially ice cream.
I'm also a homebody.
And I miss having a true best friend.

I might have to borrow this post idea... :)


my chapstick addition is hardcore too, but I feel like I am constantly losing them in some weird chapstick black hole in my house.

amy b.s.

i too am addicted to chapstick and cry easily. and really don't get excited about too many things either. are you reading my mind?


I have Burts Bees chapstick in every corner of my life. Have to have it.


Almost all those fit me to a tee.

I have 3-4 different chapsticks on me all the time, if i have a different purse or can't find one i go nuts.

I love to text, i can say what i want n be done, no awkward silence.

I am probably one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. Seriously, i eat chicken fingers & fries in restaurants only because i can't have most spices/sauces. My stomach does not like most foods. They make me really ill. I can't eat anything of the texture of soup/yogurt as well. Which is why i prefer to cook for myself, i refuse to eat at other people's houses unless i bring something for the meal, this way i am not inconveniencing others.

I get very emotional & cry easy, but the one place we differ is i get very excited about things, i am a simple gal & the simple things excite me.

If i am tired/just wake up i won't remember anything you said.

I love chocolate.

i get quiet when i am very tired, it is the only time i shut up lol.

I hate surprises, i have to know what is going on all the time. I have freak outs if i don't.

I miss having a best friend too, but oddly i do not miss my ex best friend whom i recently disolved my 15 year friendship.

Lena at A Crimson Kiss

I'm a big homebody, too–and I miss having a best friend. I always thought my mom was silly for not having a best friend like I did, but now I realize that life doesn't always accommodate that.


I love this list! I miss having a best friend, too! It was always sooo easy in K-12 because you always see your friends at school, but where are you supposed to go when you're a 20- or 30- something to find a BFF? You can't exactly sidle up to someone in the grocery store check out and be like, "Hey, you look nice! Wanna go watch a movie?" Um, no. The troubles no one warns you about AFTER college!


interesting... many of those apply to me as well. i also get very quiet when i'm stressed. i internalize everything and when something horrible/tragic happens or when i'm stressed i kind of just shut down. i always wondered where that comes from.

warm greetings!


I'm also a chapstick addict and a homebody. I cry and panic when I'm stressed though, I wish I were quiet!


Ha wow. Everything on this is about me, literally. I do miss having a best friend a lot, however, with all the sucky previous friendships, I'll stay to myself (: I hope the week is treating you right.

Stevie Leigh

I am similar in many ways. We would be friends :)

Mrs. Pancakes

Great list...I love keeping my hands lotioned! Thanks for your post today..it was definitely helpful!


I totally enjoyed reading this. You & I have a lot in common. I'm obsessed w/chapstick, I totally prefer texting (or email) over talking on the phone, I cry SO easily, and am a total homebody. :) Very cute post! Always nice to get to know people better.



I totally enjoyed reading this. You & I have a lot in common. I'm obsessed w/chapstick, I totally prefer texting (or email) over talking on the phone, I cry SO easily, and am a total homebody. :) Very cute post! Always nice to get to know people better.



Love this post!

Things people don't know about me:
- Chicken is my least favorite meat.
- I love singing harmonies.
- I'm addicted to but also despise celebrity gossip.

There's more, but I can't thin of it now. :)


I have a horrible chapstick addiction! I use it about 25 times a day, and it drives my friends crazy!


Wow that's incredible. I am the same as you with almost 100% of what you just wrote.


I think mine would be:

Totally addicted to trashy crime novels, I am a total homebody too and I take WAY too many photos!

Chanel // We Belong in Paris

haha I'm a total homebody as well. I'm not a fan of always being out and about. I also don't really watch what I eat.


This is so cute :) I am a total homebody too, and I love it :)


Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}

Yes, totally understand the love/hate relationship with my hair... ;)


I have a lipgloss/lipstick problem. It's taken up and entire box in my makeup drawer. Ridiculous.

Also, I'm with you on surprises. I always figure it out if you tell me, which annoys me, because then it's not a surprise. I'd rather not know anything at all.


My hubs goes through countless chapsticks...It really IS and addiction! Haha! I love country music. People are always surprised by this. I'm not sure why.

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥}

I also prefer texting!!! My husband hates it. haha



We are so different! I get overly excited about EVERYTHING. (it runs in my family haha), and when I'm stressed I wont shut up.

I am addicted to chap stick / lip gloss though. This weekend I forgot to take some with me to a wedding... had to stop by the store to buy some.


we are long-lost sisters :) I also have a chapstick obsession and prefer a night in anyday to a night out on the town. Unless there's music playing, then I can be swayed, I guess.