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Thursday, February 21, 2013



I kept journals all through elementary, junior high and high school. I remember the first one I ever received had a little lock on it and everything so that I could keep out my nosy brother and parents.

Through the years I've had about a dozen journals, all stored away so that one day maybe I can read back through my life and my moments of growing up.

You could say that blogging is what stopped my handwritten journaling. You see, I originally started blogging during my senior year of high school. I assumed it was an easier was of keeping a journal and my first few blogs were relatively anonymous and very open.

Lately I've been missing the art of journaling. I miss having a place to pour EVERY SINGLE thought out. I miss the act of actually writing things down. And so I purchased a little red book with a pretty little heart on the cover. And for the first time in quite a few years, I'm going to journal again.

As much as I love blogging, and you all know I do, I'm excited to have a place that is simply MINE. And I'm very excited to put pen to paper and get words down. I think it'll be good for me.

Do you journal?

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Chloe Moon

Good for you!! I know you love to blog and so do I but having that lil notebook where you can write literally everything is absolutely wonderful! From doing those 52 Lists I picked up an old journal I had started a while back and honestly it is so rewarding. At first I was only handwritting the lists and now I've been using it as a food journal and then now it's my own personal diary again! All the best and good luck with your journaling!! =)



You should go back to journaling because it's more private and personal as oppose to blogging. I used to before until someone found it. I have since written in a few other journals and hope to one day read them again in the future.

I recently found a scrapbook and it included questionnaires I had my friends fill out, concert tickets and so much more. I got a kick out of reading it and reminiscing.


I journaled liked a maniac in high school, but haven't since. Sometimes I think I'd like to start up again. There is something so magical about putting pen to a brand new journal! :)


I feel like I've forever been starting a journal. The only one I've ever kept up with was my livejournal in junior high, and I kept a travel diary when I spent a summer in Italy. It was easy in Italy because both my roommates were keeping travel journals and were very disciplined. When they wrote in their journals I would write in mine. Now blogging is definitely like a journal. I think my blog is a glorified diary of shit I find interesting, ya know?

Chic 'n Cheap Living

I can definitely see you journaling and know it will be a great place for you to really pour your heart out!

Chic 'n Cheap Living


I did keep journals when I was younger. I still have all of them - I just can't throw all those memories away!


I have a diary but I rarely update it. My current one has it's first entry in 2006 and the last one about a week ago, a total of about 30 - 40 entries all together?

I've had some form of online diary for the majority of my life for the past 10 years.

Corinne x


I journal every day and I love it! It's therapeutic, fun, creative.... It helps me keep track of events since I scrapbook too.


I think I need to start journaling again.

This is a great idea!

XO Lourdes

Lena at A Crimson Kiss

Sounds heavenly! I'll journal when there's something I can't quite wrap my head around or want to express to no one but myself, but for the most part, I just talk everyone else's ear off!


I used to paper journal until I started a livejournal online. From there I discovered blogging and haven't looked back.


i've kept a diary ever since i learned to write and it definitely is good to write your thoughts down just for yourself. i never talk about my emotions, so writing a diary is the only way for me to let my feelings out:-) x


I was exactly the same way, I kept really intense journals for a very very very long time and then I started blogging and kind of just stopped. Sometimes I miss it, but mostly, I don't. I don't know what changed.

Sam M

I toatlly agree with you! I used to write in journals about once a week. I wrote in one sporadically throughout Cambodia and haven't written in one since. It's nice to have a place to write where you don't have to worry about offending someone or someone you don't want to see seeing it.


I've had these same thoughts recently! I've always journaled on and off but I think I need to start again. I'm not going to lie, journaling was one thing that got me through a really bad breakup in college.


While I'm sure that I attempted journaling when I was younger, I really got my start online. When I started making websites in 1997, having an "online journal" was quite the trendy thing to do... I was 13 at the time.

I started journaling on paper when I was 15, and did it throughout most of high school. I carried my journal around everywhere and it was sort of a running commentary of my life (a VERY negative running commentary). I did it for a couple of years in college too, but it kinda started getting spotty...

I still have a paper journal that I write in sometimes, but more often than not I find that I'm using to write down my thoughts that aren't blogworthy.

Stephanie + Walter

I have always wanted to journal. I've started probably a million journals...but I always stop after a short time. I should try harder. :)

Charlotte Klein

I don't... but you know what? I really should. I have so many beautiful journals at home, too. Sometimes it's easier to write when you know no one else is listening. It's just YOUR place. Enjoy your new writing digs :)


i used to journal a lot too, haven't in ages though!



I used to journal, but just use my blog to get things out.. seeing as I have so few readers, I feel somewhat comfortable being open!


That is so cool :)

I never kept a diary until I was in my late teens and was working and could afford to buy a diary but it was very simple, though I have kept one more or less since (missed 5 years, somewhere in the child rearing times, LOL!!!:)

Although, I have told my Hubby to burn them if I die before him, they are not pretty in places (TMI???, LOL!!! :)

It is my life in the raw, so to speak and gets me thru my life :)

WOW!! Girl you do make me think with your blog posts, thank you :)

Have a great weekend, cheers, T. :)


I've journaled for forever and still find it to be really soothing and a great way to vent my thoughts, emotions and ideas - try a pocket notebook that you keep in your purse. That's helped me keep track of things that I think about during the day


I don't keep a journal. I think probably because I would be mortified if I died and someone came across it :D I hear it is very therapeutic though...


i used to keep a diary when i was younger but i never kept them. i think i was scared of someone finding them! now my log is my journal but i keep note books with things written in them x


One of my new years resolutions was to journal every single day. HA. I failed. Bad. And I'm sad because there were some amazing days and things that happened in January and now I can't remember them as well to journal them and all of that is lost forever. But I want to restart again. Not try to write down the days I missed but just start anew in March and write my days so that all the little things and the big moments get recorded. I'm excited. I never had journals really growing up so this is super important to me.