FAQ | Why Girls Are Weird


Why is your blog called Why Girls Are Weird? One of my favorite books is Why Girls Are Weird (it's by Pamela Ribon). It's about a blogger who is kind of trying to find herself and she does that through blogging. It's hysterical, you should check it out!
Originally my blog was called After 'I Do' but after I got divorced I knew I needed a change. I brainstormed some ideas and finally decided to name my blog after my favorite book, because at the time I felt exactly how the main character in that book felt - kind of stuck in between two phases of my life and unsure what to do.
I'm not in that same place anymore but for me my blog's name is still very much relevant - my blog is about why I'm weird. Weird, to me, isn't a negative term. It describes the uniqueness I have and that's absolutely a good thing!

Why did you start blogging?  Originally it was because I'd journaled all my life and I found the idea of keeping an online "diary" really interesting.  That was WAY back in the day before blogging was considered cool.  Nowadays it's so much more than an online diary to me - it's a way to meet new people, make friends and get good feedback.

What do you do for work?  I'm a server full time at Perkins Family Restaurant and Bakery (remember to tip your server at least 15%, we work hard)! And this blog is my other full time job (find out about how to collaborate with me). I also graduated with an AA degree in sales and marketing so I'm looking for a full time "real" job as well. Hire me!

Who is Izzy? Izzy is my husband! We've been together since spring 2011, have been a couple since November 2011, and we were married on May 24th, 2015! You can find out more about him here. And if you want to check out our love story, check out the About tab at the top of this page!

Who are Monte, Roscoe, and Emma? Monte is the dog I brought into our relationship. He's a 6 year old toy poodle with a heart of gold. When Iz met Monte he decided he wanted a toy poodle as well, so along came 3 year old Roscoe. And then in August of 2014 we adopted Emma (a year old chi-weenie) from Good Karma Animal Rescue. You could say we have the start of a zoo in our house!

You say you're a self-proclaimed coffee snob.  What's your favorite coffee?  I could answer this SO many ways!  If we're talking drip brew I love La Minita Peaberry from Caribou or Bustelo.  Otherwise I'll order either a skim vanilla latte or a skim dry cappuccino if I'm going for hot (I love to sprinkle Raw Sugar over my cappuccino froth).  If I'm looking for cold I like either an iced skim vanilla latte, a cold press with an extra shot of espresso and room for cream OR an iced espresso with white chocolate depending on how much caffeine I want.

How do you read so many books and how do you choose what books to read?  Honestly, the only time I read is at night before bed.  Sometimes I read on car trips or during the day but mostly before bed.  I guess I'm just a fast reader?  As for how I choose books, it's a mix of reviews from other bloggers, suggestions from friends and just happening upon books at the library or store.  I'm on a huge YA Fiction kick right now which is always fun and interesting.

Do you have a quote or saying that you live by?  "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Seuss.  I think these words are SO true and definitely words to live by.